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Old Posted 08-09-07
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Calvin Klein, a former Brooklyn drug dealer who Jay-Z mentions in his song “Allure”, recently appeared on DJ Kay Slay’s show on Shade 45 claiming he launched Jay’s career and that Jay’s drug dealing past holds no weight.

“In the 80’s, Jay wasn’t trying to be a drug dealer he was tryna be a rapper but in order for him to transcend himself into this hell of a dude, he had to take characters from the 80’s like myself , said Klein. “ I give him 10% of his life that he talked about; I gotta give him something, [laughs]. He is from Brooklyn, he lived in Marcy Projects, his name is Sean Carter, he got that right."

“Calvin Klein, a Brooklyn Don, my legacy speaks for itself. Jay had to take parts of that in order to be who he is,” Klein continued. “You have all these rappers talking about what they did; I don’t take anything away from them other than the fact the life not being theirs. You see James Brown get royalties for people sampling him right? I want my royalti es for you sampling me now.”

“He never felt more alive/ than ridin’ shotgun in Klein’s green five,” said Klein. “He better realize you can’t live another person’s life and not acknowledge them when they come home.”

Klein was released from a federal correctional facility in 2004 after serving 13 years on drug charges.

“I did over 13 years. I caught a case with Jay in 89. We caught attempted murder charges in 89. I took the weight of the case and if that wasn’t the case you probably would have never heard of Jay,” said Klein. “I mean he testified in my behalf, the case want from 40 years down to 4. I go out on an appeal bail and after that I was under federal investigations.”

Klein, pictured left (below) , claims Jay-Z acted like he would do business with him when he was released but turned his back on him.

“At the end of the day, my issue is when I came home and you didn’t have true feelings in your heart about doing anything, you should have just feel back,”Klien continued. “I got two phone calls when I came home, one from Kevin Childs [former Harlem drug dealer and husband of Tiffany Childs, founder of Don Diva Magazine] and the second from Jay.”

“Jay pretty much told me to fall back like ‘Yo, I got you’. Words like that coming from a person of that caliber, you really are gonna fall back and by doing that I blocked my blessings and didn’t allow any other gifts to come in,” said Klein. “I made the mistake of coming back too humble because of all the trials that were going on like the Irv Gotti situation and Supreme’s. People werent' used to seeing me so humble. Maybe if I came home and put my foots on Jay’s neck, maybe I would have been cutting the check to him.”

“There were a lot of mixed messages with him. I’d get phone calls from Ty Ty and calls from him talking about ‘We gottta figure out how we gon’ do this with you and all that. Dog , what is there to figure out?” I didn’t come home being a drug dealer,” said Klein. “If you feel like you are gonna do anything, do what u gotta do, cause you could make a move that would change my whole life and whatever thoughts I had then would have been erased there and then.”

After seeing Jay's promises not coming to light , Klein moved on to other ventures including real estate , forming his own label Shut Em Down Entertainment, working with former Bad Boy rapper Loon and serving as Akon's tour manager.

“To me Jay‘s a white boy on the inside , no offense to any white boys but to me he’s white boy on the inside and I’m waiting for time to tell what he’s gonna do with the outside of himself ,” Klein continued. “ I’m surprised he should have done himself a favor and pout me on his team . How you gon let Akon pull me in , official Konvict. Akon provided the chance and an opportunity for guys like myself , Jay could have done that out the gate but he didn’t.”

“People on the streets say Jay gave me a million dollars , Jay did that , there is no truth to that,” Klein said.“ Ty Ty’s been by Jay-Z’s side for so many years and I don’t believe he even got a million dollars and they started in 96 . Ty Ty just moved his moms out the project in 2005.”

Klein claims he has no ill feelings for Jay-Z and even tried to set things straight but to no avail.

“There is no animosity cause I’m not broke . I approached him at the set of the Young Jeezy and Akon “Soul Survivor” video , went to Jeezy’s trailer to go talk to him and 30 seconds after the conversation he left ,” Klein said. “ I don’t wanna give Jay or the people the impression that Jay is scared…lets just put it like this, I don’t think he’s gonna respond. He better not.”

Klein who did an interview with Don Diva Magazine during Jay’s beef with Nas claims he gave shout outs to Jay in the interview to solidify his street cred after it was tarnished by Nas’ diss record to Jay , “Ether”.

“My case was on appeal and I took a chance when I did the interview with Don Divas for Jay , Nas ruined him and his credibility was shot , he had none,” Klein said. “ He was startled himself by the way Nas exposed him they way he did. Jay’s confidence level was zero , his confidence level was a wrap. He realized how strong I was from the inside and he cant be serious enough to not realize how strong I am out here?”

“ Ether held so much truth it was ridiculous. I was like how Nas could get so much information on him like that ,” Klein continued. “I made the phone call to DJ Clark Kent and he said , ‘Yo, if he never needed you before he needs s you know . I reached out to Kevin Childs and Don Diva and did the interview. I said words that gave Jay a little credibility but once he got that back ….he got worse. How can you ignore Jaz-O? Jaz-O is originator of your heart , he opened up every door you can think off and provided every opportunity you can imagine.”

“Coming home and seeing what I see now , if you look at Dame Dash’s team and you look at Jay , Jay was a rapper/ partner but Dame was the one making all the deals happen, if you just take away Dame and just have Jay-Z as an artist, Jay would probably be close to a million ,” Klein said. “ Look at Dipset , their artists have a lot while those on Jay’s side don’t have close to anything . Look at Bleek versus to what Santana has , Look at Ty Ty versus what Cam’ron has.”

“You cant have an army that’s fighting a war for you and not feed them. If you have a bunch of people in the battlefield that haven’t eaten that means they fighting starving and won't put up a good fight. I m not saying don’t like Jay the artist, I'm just questioning the person,” Klein continued.

"Why are most of the artists at Def Jam on the shelf? Why is it about Jay-Z and his music?. Bring Bleek out. Let Bleek hold his own You don’t have to say Bleek don’t have to another drop album, I got him for life’. He can hold his own , he’s a man , let him come out with an album and get his ones and units up . Don’t give him nothing."

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Old Posted 08-09-07
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damn son dats some fucked up shit jay be on...i lik dat white boy line lmfao!! i hear niggaz say jay dont give a fuck about his peepz but i thot is was some jealous shit cuz he made it n tryna be lik him but after jaz o da other nigga dat got murdered n dis cat ..jay is wrong dat



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Old Posted 08-10-07
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st laz is one of this dudes proteges he took under his wing..
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Old Posted 08-10-07
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owned like a mutha hahaha

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