View Full Version : Xzibit Loses Drivers License In Germany, Fined During Gumball 3000 Ral

05-04-07, 08:55 PM
Miscommunication between German authorities and organizers of this year's Gumball 3000 Rally has resulted in a fine that was issued to rapper Xzibit and others during an overseas visit to Germany.

The Gumball 3000 is an annual 3000 mile international tour that occurs on public roads, typically in Europe.

The event, which is modeled after coast-to-coast competitions in the United States, includes stops at tourist attractions or in large urban centers.

Film, television, music, fashion, and modeling celebrities traditionally compete in the annual event.

Xzibit was among a group of rally participants who, according to reports, were pulled over on Sunday (Apr. 29) by German police at the country's border during a speed check while en route from London to Frankfurt airport.

The officer on duty issued fines to the first 50 drivers in the procession and took away their keys.

Xzibit, who was one of seven drivers who had their licenses taken by the police, was reportedly driving 100 mph in a 60 mph speedzone.

After paying the fine, Xzibit's teammate Farid Gallardo assumed driving duties for the rapper's Lamborghini Gallardo.

After the incident, the officer sent a letter to the 17 countries involved with the rally, warning them that an "illegal race" was about to zoom through their streets.

Turkey has also refused to accept the drivers who were fined as well as 240 drivers in 120 cars.

The group ultimately changed its plans and headed to Greece after being held air side in Turkey for several hours and not being allowed into the country.

05-04-07, 09:04 PM
I remember the Gumball Rally when jackass went, now that was good telly. But I heard the rally got cancelled this year cause of some bloody accident.

05-04-07, 10:24 PM
yeah they killed one man..he didn't have licence..but they didn't stop

05-04-07, 11:46 PM
imagine cuttin a lambo loose on the autobahn?