View Full Version : 04/18/07 - Xzibit On Detox !

04-19-07, 01:31 AM
Full interview by Demelza Goudie

Having taken part in pretty much most entertainment opportunities from the Def Jam Icon video game, to pimping rides around the US, Xzibit leaves us with one bit of advice.

“Look out for that Detox record that’s coming out,” he laughs.

So does that mean Xzibit will feature on Dr Dre’s highly anticipated album? “Well, just look out for it,” he teases.


04-19-07, 01:48 AM
I bet when game finds out he wont be on Detox he'll kill himself who wants to make bets?

Sorry but that's off topic :D

04-19-07, 02:03 AM
$10 says he almost does, but pussies out

but for real I think Dre said he was gonna be on it, I may be remembering wrong though

04-19-07, 05:56 AM
of course he is, dre said he wants everyone he's worked with on it.

04-19-07, 06:29 AM
i hope game is on it.....but somehow i doubt it :(

04-19-07, 06:35 AM
^^ hell naw :rofl:

props though i hope that man iz in it :kwijl: (Xzibit)


04-19-07, 08:10 AM
every good westcoast rapper should be on it..

The Wat Now
04-19-07, 08:59 AM
ice cube?

04-19-07, 09:34 AM
Sorry but that's off topic :D

that's off topic aswell :D

but i think i heard dre say x is on it before

04-19-07, 11:42 AM
Propz, x is dope

04-19-07, 12:05 PM
I hope Detox has some Snoop tracks, Xzibit, Nate Dogg, a NWA reunion track with an Eazy E verse, Kurupt, Kokane and of course Bishop Lamont and whoever else Dre introduces.

04-19-07, 02:58 PM
Props, X is fire

Glock Spinna
04-19-07, 05:41 PM
Xzibit is good, but a few years ago he was doper


04-20-07, 05:53 AM
x has to be on there!

04-20-07, 06:03 AM
Detox 2nd best album of the year. heal yeah i'm buy it and enjoy it i hope it drop this year

04-20-07, 07:53 AM
NWA reunion track with an Eazy E verse, .

thats would be nice but to be honest i really doubt it :undecided: Hope ice cube is on it though :D

04-20-07, 03:19 PM
ice cube?

Don't worry ;)

Good to see X on it. I think he was going to be on it anyways...


04-20-07, 03:52 PM
dope shit

rpops for the news

Da Facecard
04-20-07, 09:03 PM
Detox 2nd best album of the year. heal yeah i'm buy it and enjoy it i hope it drop this year
Detox>>>Papoose album

Westside Story Records
04-21-07, 10:33 AM
I Doubt Cube Would Be on Detox. They Havent Been That Cool Since Cube Refused to Sign to Aftermath After Not Bein Satisfied with Dre's Financal Offers, Lol. Cube Lately Said "Real Lyricist, Fuck a Ghostwriter", Lmao

04-21-07, 03:47 PM
Detox>>>Papoose album

hell yeah!!