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Da Facecard
05-25-06, 07:40 PM
HHG: The obvious question is why isn't Big Noyd on Infamous/G-Unit?

Noyd: It just wasn't set out to be that way. Noyd is always going to be Infamous for life. I'm one of the people who created Infamous. Me signing to G-Unit just wasn't planned that way. They can't sell me no dreams. The only way Mobb Deep can put out artists is they have to do well themselves. Mobb Deep has to worry about their own career before they think about signing me. I did a couple songs that didn't make the album. I don't want to say it's because they weren't good enough, but 50 is a businessman. I'm not G-Unit, so why would he put a song with Noyd on it where I'm not signed to G-Unit and I could possibly blow up off it? From my transformation as an artist, I understand that and I'm happy. It just wasn't planned like that. Mobb Deep is still getting their feet wet. We don't know what the future looks like, but it's not going to stop me from doing my thing.

HHG: A lot of fans were mad you weren't on Blood Money. Were you bothered by it?

Noyd: Only in a sense that I know that fans are going to look at it in a negative way. They're going to see that Noyd was on every album and now I'm not on Blood Money. That's the only thing that made me upset. I'm behind the scenes, so I know what's going on. Mobb Deep probably wanted me on it, but 50 calls the shots. The only thing I'm upset is the fans are going to look at it a certain way. Everybody has their opinion, but when my next project comes out, people won't give a fuck who I'm signed to. All they're going to want to hear is good music.

HHG: So there's no friction between you and Mobb Deep right now?

Noyd: No. It's a family here. A lot of people look at it like it's rap, but we go back too far for that. Let's say I got in a situation with Havoc, it can go where our parents see each other in church. There's only so far petty rap stuff can go with us. It's all brand new right now. There ain't no drama at all. Havoc is like a second-cousin to me, so there's far from there being any problems.

HHG: Do you see yourself or IM3 going to G-Unit in the future?

Noyd: I think everybody's wondering what's up with Infamous Mobb and Noyd. Business-wise, somebody may take advantage of that. I could stomp the radio and then G-Unit or Interscope or Universal could be calling me. You can't predict the future of this rap stuff, but that's not the plan at this point.

HHG:What do you think of the Blood Money album?

Noyd: I like blood money. If mobb deep had come out with the same old music, people would have said, "when are they going to reinvent themselves?" Now that they're making a different sound,people are saying its not the same mobb deep." Everybody has their own opinions. I do like the album. It's not my favourite album. It's definetely good. I'd definetely give it an A.

05-25-06, 07:46 PM
propz. he has a point at the end, but still, what is mobb deep without the r.a.p.p.e.r n.o.y.d on their albums?

05-25-06, 07:51 PM
Good readin...

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props 4 the interview

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propzz for da info :pimp:

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Propz dawg!

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Propz 4 da interview. Noyd is a good man !!!!!!!

05-25-06, 10:38 PM
props man but that last bit is bullshit about them changin theyre style...i think the shouldve kept there old school style cuz i really dont like the new album compared to others...just my opinion though!

05-25-06, 11:07 PM
props for this, i injoyd it, and lookin forword to hear some more of them together.!

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Yeah, Noyd should have been on it. Props for the nice interview.

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propz fo the interview

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propz on this