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10-08-06, 05:57 PM
These battles are BIG...and the word about Skepta getting murked is true, Skepta does get the crowd hype...but the crowd are all his boys and Devilman went alone, but mos def came with the bigger barz!
The Bashy vs Demon battle was big, Bashy murked tings, and it began gettin heated in teh second round with hurtful bars flyin ways
The Earz vs Stryder battle was pretty big, but Stryder got MUKRED no doubt about it, he got straight slewed...i thought at first Stryder would take it, but Earz came hard and murked tings!
The Scorcher vs Narstie battle was kinda dissapointing, wasnt much gwanin to be honest, that was probably teh worste battle ive seen from both the DVD's! i should have the rest of the battles from LOTM2 pretty soon!


Bash vs Demon:


Earz vs Tinchy Stryder:


Skepta vs Devilman:


Big Narstie vs Scorcher:


10-08-06, 06:21 PM
The Earz vs Stryder battle was pretty big, but Stryder got MUKRED no doubt about it, he got straight slewed...i thought at first Stryder would take it, but Earz came hard and murked tings!

- seee, im right, i told you earz is fuckin tight

10-08-06, 06:24 PM
Haha yeah, i thought Stryder would murk it seeings as Ears was kinda weak on a Logan Sama set...but he came hard in this battle and slewed Stryder!

10-08-06, 07:11 PM
im going to watch the battles...and not read any of the above cause i think itll spoil the fun :D haha props on this though man ill drop feed soon :D

10-08-06, 07:18 PM
haha sfe sfe man! they def worth watchin, and then read what i said and see if you agree haha

10-08-06, 07:23 PM
wil do man just downloading earz vs tinchy ...going t get them all and watch them one afteer another

Right ill keep adding to this...

Bashy vs Demon..

Bashy took the first round...and personally i felt demon just took the rest easily...bashy was recycling quite a lot of punches ive already seen him drop in his battle against ghetto that dpg has already posted..
overall im going for Demon

Tinchy vs Earz

how old is tinchy? i thought he looked really young on the prangin out remix and he does on the vid..

any ways the first round i felt that tinchy wasnt doing to bad then he just fell offafter that and earz just came along and killed it..giving this one to Earz

Skepta vs Devilman

I think that it is quite easy to say that skepta did get murked..and if it wasnt for dp sayingi was going to comment on the crowd...but if there all skeptas boys then thats swag...easily given this one to Devilman

10-08-06, 08:24 PM
The only reason that Skepta's boys was down there is cause it was filmed in London and Devilman is from burmingham, so dude must not of takin anyone on the trip down to L with him!

and yeah, about that Bashy ting...i thought the same about the recycled bars...but that battle was 2 years ago, but its just fresh on our memorys cuz i only posted a few weeks ago...but theres anotha side to it, cuz since 04 you wouldve thought bashy couldve came up with some new bars for battles, cause 2 years isnt exactly short time!

and yeah, Stryder is pretty young man (well older than me), i dont know his exact age, but i think dudes like 18/19...but he does got a babyface and that shit makes him look even younger!

10-08-06, 08:36 PM
haha yeah man stryder looks really young!
and yeah thats what i mean aboutthe bashy battle man...1 there still fresh..and 2 he coulda though of some new bars...just watched the big narstie batle...it was shit man i didnt really see a point in droppin any feed on it as it was nothing special :undecided: the first 3 battles were good so props on that !

10-09-06, 05:42 PM
safe yeah downloadin it right now

10-09-06, 06:14 PM
devilman is big in brum

10-09-06, 08:20 PM
yeah, i was talkin to a dude on a diff site from your endz man...he said the same ting! nd i got the whole dvd that will be upped later on tonight, or tomorrow, aswell as the Jammer pranks & Call-ups!

10-09-06, 08:23 PM
sounds good to me man :D

10-10-06, 06:24 PM
thanks mayne, dpg u been keeping this UK Scene LIVE

10-10-06, 06:28 PM
^I got the whole DVD gettin upped in a min, so check that instead! or check both...and thank you haha