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10-02-06, 12:47 PM
Plan B is planning to release a brand new EP entitled "Plan B Live at the Pet Cemetery" consisting of new recordings, a video and two previously unheard tracks all recorded live over this summer at Pet Cemetery Studios in London on August 21. Backing singers, a pianist, and strings were all brought in for the special one-off session.

Amongst the track list is "No More Eatin'" a Rage Against The Machine and Radiohead influenced track, the soulful and rhythm n' blues based "Broke" and "My Life," an x-rated rail against fashion-followers and opinionated people who are all trying to get a piece of Plan.

The "Live at the Pet Cemetery" is being released on October 30 via 679 Recordings / Pet Cemetery.

The Wat Now
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thanks for the news

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i did post this news up a while back, well touched on it but not in detail, so bless!

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Propz 4 info

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Sweet, lookin forward to this really like Plan B.

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sounds nice fanx for info