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10-01-06, 01:25 PM
I know i was hatin on Mercs' a little for the reason he got put away, but i gotta say all the shit i been hearin lately is beginin to change my mind of how hes guilty, but i guess nobody other than the "skank" who claimed rape & Mercston will know!

Anyway this track is from The Movement (Ghetto, Scorcher, Wretch 32...) and will be featured on there new mixtape, this is only a radio rip, but dont let that put you off cuz the quality is crazy...mp3 quality mos def...this tune is definately big tho and is definately reppin mercs and hypin up the movements new mixtape...and this tune also shows that the rumours about Mercston being kicked out of The Movement isnt true!

Heres the track:


In other Mercston news, theres a crazy rumour going around that Wiley is Mercston's older brother, Wiley refers to it in one of the tracks off of the tunnel vision mixtape (Ill try and find the exact line and song cuz i cant remeber off the top of my head) but he could mean what he says in a different way, i dunno! but i doub this is true, cuz all the beef Wiley got with The Movement, i doubt hed beef with his brother and his brothers crew to the distance that he gets chased through his ends with a shank!

10-01-06, 01:37 PM
props on the track man and a nice little read, and if you could find the lyric itwould be nice...ill have a listen when i put on the tape next

10-01-06, 02:40 PM
propz i hate sendspae

10-01-06, 03:14 PM
sendspace is the bizzle!

this is a deep track, great tune though!

i cant help but feel sorry for the man after that track because like...what he got sent down...the people inside aint going ot hear his story so he'll probs get fucked up
How long did he get sent down for man do you know ?

10-01-06, 07:07 PM
DD he got put away for 5 years man, could be out earlier though!

10-01-06, 09:36 PM
thats still along time i mean hell probs only serve like 2-3 years if he keeps it on the low

10-01-06, 09:46 PM
yeah, or if the girl decideds to tell the truth, thats if it is all a lie anyway!

10-01-06, 09:53 PM
yeah true true, only time will tell i guess man