View Full Version : BIG Clash Ting Video, Bashy Vs Ghetto

09-28-06, 08:19 PM
This is a kinda old clash, from 04...but this shits heavy! one of the best video clashes ive seen, and shit nearly gets poppin at the end, couldve seen some fists flyin! Bashy gets kinda shook at the end after the kick off aswell haha, but he was still murkin throughout! Big bars are exchanged in this video though, worth not missin out on!


09-28-06, 10:09 PM
props on the vid man downloading as i type :D

09-28-06, 10:30 PM
So sick, nice ice cream van in the background to ha ha

Pretty funny when it gets all aggers at the end

09-28-06, 10:45 PM
damn nearly kicked off i actually fdelt that ghetto got fucking murked myself man...he needs to slow his flow down at times...when he slowed down about half way he was spitting raw...when he picked his pace up he was missing lines and shit.....certainly touched one of ghettos nerves though

overall sweet battle ima give it to bashy though...hes a pretty bare war mc...wel lfro mthat vid :D

09-29-06, 03:25 PM
yeah hes def a good battle Mc, but i ike ghettos flow when he spits mad fast but i gta agree wit u on that he was real choppy with his lines on this battle, but bashy defently murked tings, and i wouldnt mind of seein a fight either haha, Bashy was kinda shook though!

09-29-06, 04:55 PM
haha true true, and yeah bashy was well shook! was a good clash..and the quality was good...which usually it aint like on youtube etc :(

09-29-06, 07:42 PM
rar boi big propz man hot battle man, didnt know dat bashy from my end, willesden!!!!!!!!!!!!! where ghetto frm???

09-29-06, 08:12 PM
i think ghetto from E3 man, or the same as bashy, im not to sure though man! Youll have to look into it or some shit man!

09-30-06, 08:12 AM
^^^ yeah ghetto frm da same end as kano east, bashy from northwest if u listen at da end where he said if u want beef bla im right in willesden nxt 2 kilburn 5 minutes away from harlesden( dat where ma old school was)