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I dont know how old this is but here it is....


For those of you donuts who were scared off by the thunder and lightning from coming to see JME and Tinchy Stryder at Grimetime here in Berlin, all I can is: you fucked up. JME is one of the fastest rising young stars on the Grime scene having recently joined the ranks of the top crew in the game, the Roll Deep entourage. Starting out producing on mobile phone ring tones, then moving on to Mario Paint, Game Boy Camera and his current Fruity Loops JME's career thus far is a perfect illustration of the fact that like plants growing through pavement cracks creativity will find a way to express itself, regardless of if you have to make beats on a super nintendo. With the help of his brother and fellow Meridian crew member Skepta's anthemic productions on tunes like 'Thuggish Ruggish', featuring top MC and frequent Berlin visitor Dee Double, JME has quickly risen to the top of the MC field. He's made a name for himself lately with his new tune 'Don't Chat Crap' where he spits venom on all the wasteman MCs in the game spitting unfocused lyrics and unthinkingly following the gunman trend. JME is definitely setting trends of his own and doing big things to put his ends of North London on the map, serious.

Sizzle: JME, How long have you been MCing and doing music for?

JME: I've been MCing for about three or four year but only seriously
for about two years. But I've been doing music all my life
whether it's playing an instrument or producing.

Sizzle: What did you think of the grimetime rave in berlin, compared to raves in LDN or the UK?

JME: the crowd abroad are more grateful for our music
because they dont get to hear it live all the time
so they take part more at raves,
like at grime time.. I came out, I didn't say shit
but they were already cheering, then i said.. "J..M......"
and they all said "E", i was like "rah?"

Sizzle: How come Wiley didn't show up?

JME: Wait.. (phone's Wiley's mobile)
.....he aint answering. but i think he had two bookings
but he was was after the bigger P.

Sizzle: Meet any German girls?

JME: Erm.. I saw a few.. There was about five in the front row
that i was trying to signal to, to come to my hotel.
But i had to leave backstage, so I lost 'em.
Plus "heidi" she was like my tour guide, she was chung
but I'm not sure if she had a man...

Sizzle: What did you think of Berlin/Germany in general?

JME: I'm coming back.

Sizzle: When you wrote your 'I'm not peewee herman/I can spit my lyrics in german' bars, did you ever think you'd be spitting them to a german audience?

JME: (laughs) Nah.. I never thought about it at all...
I wrote it when i was in school, and I was doing two languages
so i tried to show off, but I never thought I'd ever be over there
sayin' it.

Sizzle: Have you performed anywhere else outside of the UK, what's the reaction?

JME: yeah, sweden was pretty similar response, they love you abroad
cause its a one off, over here it's an every weekend thing, and even then
people still see me in the streets or at the shops,
but abroad its like a show, not a rave.

Sizzle: What do you think about all the clashing and lyrical wars, ever get involved?

I said I'd never clash anyone, and recently I've been on a good vibe,
reason is 'cause I'm not average or decent, and it's hard to write lyrics like these
serious, but clashing is like a gimmick to get noticed, so i might one day help
an up-and-comer get recognition and clash him/her.

Sizzle: You talk in your lyrics about 'Everyone knows, I shot Os..' what were you shotting?

JME: 'Everybody k"N"ows that I shot "O"s make "P"s shot "Q"s like Kano...'
It's just alphabetical order, on a sly "..nopq.."
No pun intended.. but ironically it does also have another meaning.

Sizzle: You're one of the biggest MC's right now pushing a more 'conscious' type of message in the scene, what was the motivation to switch to that style, is that the only type of lyrics you're pushing right now?

JME: Nah, i was just doing it so people realised that its harder to be an mc
than to just say you shoot people all day. Now everybody knows,
I can get back to the hard hittin' grime lyrics,
but i will never write a ridiculous killing slaying shooting lyric,
as its pointless now.

Sizzle: The mainstream british media seems to be on a mission to stop garage and now grime from blowing mainstream, a lot of the time blaming the violence in the lyrics and at the raves. Do you think there's a real connection between violent lyrics and real life violence or do you think that this is a further case of fear and racism being used to try to stop young people expressing themselves artistically?

JME: Nah, only an idiot will raise a real gun when Stryder sez "Let me see the gun fingers.." Everybody knows its just vibes, thats why I made 'Serious', so that the media are aware that we are not dumb. They just want to shut us down, but they cant (laughs).

Sizzle: Do you think there's a difference between an arnold schwarzenegger movie where he machine guns a thousand bad guys and a dee double lyric where pure MCs get killed? Why do you think it's acceptable and mainstream in a hollywood movie but not in a grime MC's lyrics?

JME: Money.

Sizzle: How seriously do you think listeners should take all these gun lyrics, especially when they're coming from thirteen year old kids?

JME: I think listeners should just take it for what it is.
Music. End of, thats all were doing. Music.
We all know that Christina Aguilera ain't a real 'Genie In A Bottle',
we all know that R.Kelly can't 'Fly',
So why cant we just take music for music?

The JME ep from his Meridian crew is available now via the Rhythm Division, Uptown or Independance records mail order websites. JME and Skepta can also be heard live on the Roll Deep show on Rinsefm.com, every Sunday from 10 to 12PM , Berlin time.

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safe safe...i think its from when he went to berlin just before or after he released Shut Ya Muh Vol 1...dont take my word for it though :D

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Nah, only an idiot will raise a real gun when Stryder sez "Let me see the gun fingers.."


and yeah, i think this is a lil old cuz they talkin about dont talk crap! but its still a big interview, talks on the real tings in the grime scene at the mo!

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yeah i didnt think it was new but it was still a good read and i thought mans in the section would be interested in reading it

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yeah, its def a good read...touches on some good points! and eventhough it is old, it shows hes stuk to his word and not sold out!

nd im uppin them fuck radios for you now man!

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yeah true man..its whats sick about the scene in the uk...most cats stick to there words and aint sell all commercial bullshit and thanks for them uploads :D rapidshare works since my computer fucked up so if there quickler for oyu man thats fine with me

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chung means nice looking man...so your friends gay :D haha or he might of meant...you good/safe whenever he says it

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