View Full Version : [Official] Logan Sama Presents...The War Report

09-26-06, 08:49 PM
*Well after all the hastle of last night, trying to get on2 teh site to listen so i cud tetx in and get a free copy (See the other topic)...it turns out that LS decided not to give them out by whoever texts in, and has just posted it on bare forums and left a messege with them, so here it is, and feel free to pass this onto every other UK tings forum...oh yeah, dont ask me what the War Report pic is all about, cuz i dont have a clue either, ive just seen it with the rest of the stuff on bare other forums!*

Absolutely free. Give it out to whoever you want. Send it out on msn. Swap it with idiots who don't realise it is free and get all their "exclusives". It's all good.

Just don't sell it.

Because it is free to everyone.

And if you see it on sale on ebay, bid 1,000,000

Download it from the links at the bottom:


Please can you re-up it until filefront starts working, so others cn enjoy the tracks.

The format is 192kbps stereo mp3s. Almost entirely unedited and unmixed with no bombs or lazers or annoying jingles.

Hope you enjoy it, and again, please pass it on and re-up if you have the time. Post all new links in here and report any dead ones.




09-26-06, 10:18 PM
props man you know im downloading as we speak!

09-26-06, 11:42 PM
Fuck haha, at least we got it quick, props on finding that.

09-27-06, 10:30 AM
haha word, and to anyone who aint kopped it or any bitches who ave and have left props...a....kop it.....b...leave props