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09-26-06, 04:47 PM
*This did happen a week ago but the review was only posted about 2 days ago, nd ive onli just seen it, it was Skepta's birthday and he had a party for friends, family, fans or just ravers, and shit sounded crazy! these words are from Chantelle Fiddy!*


Samurai started off the night with the R&B/ hip hop selection while the club filled up. Next up was Plastician with a firing old skool garage set which got the one finger skank going. Chewy killed it with the funky house selection, playing big tune after big tune. I filmed some of it but the bass is so distorted it will wreck your speaker. Frisco got so excited that he ran for a reload and dashed a brandy and coke in my ear. I was soaked but I got him back when I threw the beer mat I used to mop myself up. It landed on his shoulder and Danny Walker managed to capture the moment of bewilderment perfectly. Pic soon come. The grime selection, courtesy of Jammer's DJ Snatcher came last. Naturally every man sprayed given it was Skepta's b'day. He was so lean that the hypement was off the scale, a lot of slurred lyrics followed which simply added to the good vibes in the dance. Mr and Mrs Adenuga also joined in the show and seemed to be enjoying as much as their sons. With so many Boy Better Know T's in the place, it was hard to know who was family tree but the event was nothing but smiley faces. Big up the dancing crew down the front who even mustered a reload for their get low selection. Dunno what 'that dance' is called, but it's the new one. Trust me.

09-26-06, 04:58 PM
that sounds pretty sick man, nice read...the whole boy better know T thing was funny to read...i mean shit they are really making there mark with there movement they got going on
will be good to see the pics when there available :D

09-26-06, 05:04 PM
haha yeah, its gonna be a big ting soon enough, cuz if you watch channel u, u see bare dudes wearing BBK T's eventhough they aint affiliated with them, its crazy! next year will be a big year for the whole Boy Better Know camp though, i think so anyway!

and ill get the spics up as soon as i get them aswell man!

09-26-06, 05:06 PM
yeah definatly...this years been pretty sick for them as it is, next years gonna be even better...hopefully i might be able to get down to nappa too !!

09-26-06, 05:12 PM
haha yup yup, ill be gettin my money straight soon anyway, so ill start savuin up for myself, and by that time ill be at a legal age to actually drink haha!

and true, they have had a big year this year, but they should have some albums droppin next year, so aslong as they dont try to go commercial to sell records, then the albums should all be classics!

09-26-06, 05:15 PM
no doubt!...i really hope they drop some albums and get themselves out there...they have alot of potential....although grime on a whole isnt really big as in the mainstream other than like channel u etc i really think 2007 could be a massive year for not just bbk but the whole scene

09-26-06, 05:21 PM
Truth! true words man, definately right there!

the scene should blow some time next year, but alot of people thinkin rock is back on the come up, but hopefully grime beats it to it, cuz it would be crazy if grime/uk scene in whole came up next year and just blew! shit would be crazy...and it could happen cuz if you think about a mad grimey tune, Pow, that reached the charts, hit number 1...so it can be done, and on the grime side of tings BBK can do it, and if its on the hiphop side tings then Akala will be the man to do that if he carrys on droppin videos and hopefully a new album!

09-26-06, 05:23 PM
yeah most definatly!! yeah i gotta agree rock is on the comeup but i think grime and huk hip hop should beat it on a whole...for me theres not much decent rock music out latley anyways and i listen to rock too...not more than my ukhh and ukgrime though ;) haha

09-26-06, 05:43 PM
haha i gotta say there are a few rock tunes ive heard, ive listend to, i like, but i dont really bang it, theres 2 groups i do listen to abit, and thats the zutons (There local, and i got dragged to go see them perform at the havanna and they was crazy, and then i started to listen to there stuff) and Panic at the disco, cuz i got there album to sample one of the tunes, and i was listening through the album and endded up feelin it, but thats all i listen to really! but i notice more and more people feelin rock at the moment, but i know more and more dudes that will eb askin me to hook them up with grime tunes, this is dudes from all genres aswell, so its pretty ig for the grime scene at the moment!

09-26-06, 10:21 PM
yeah man im feeling you...and yeah i got bare albums on my computer....a good 500 i have like two panic at the disco albums too that aint that bad you know :D and the zutons are good too i listen to music as to how i feel so ive got like every genre of track pretty much although grimes obvioulsy the biggest :D

09-26-06, 11:58 PM
I would have to disagree with all these new bands coming up, I wouldnt say they are rock, there just indie...ACDC is rock. I have a listen now and then to it just to have a little break from grime/hh so its all good.

09-27-06, 03:46 PM
^yeah i suppose so, but you dont really see/hear any bands lately that are like rock like ac/dc type ting, well there might be, cuz i dont pay attention to the scene, but i just dont hear any crazy rock type bands lately!

09-27-06, 09:46 PM
Yeah your right, me either really. I prefer older rock anyways.