View Full Version : Limp Bizkit?

09-25-06, 04:12 PM
Yo i just got out LB'z old albumz and i think there the shit!! Fo sho.

09-26-06, 01:49 AM
omg... lmfao

09-26-06, 01:56 AM
There pretty good. Break Stuff is a pretty cool song.

there newest CD is pretty good too, dont know the name of it, but its got like..an all green cover, i think its there newest CD lol, maybe 2nd newest? i really odnt know haha, i dont listen to em all that much anymore

The Godfather
09-26-06, 02:36 AM
rollin was classic song. my way or highway was off wrestlin so i liked that. and then theres behind blu eyes da was sweet. thats it though

09-26-06, 03:05 AM
now i never liked rock
but Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park are dope
dem cats are pretty dope
love their beats sumtimes too!

09-26-06, 06:17 AM
wow, didn't realize they had a listening base of.... anyone

last damn thing i heard was they released their new cd with adversiting off their.... website a few days prior

after they had an mtv special at the playboy mansion, their next one no one cared, no one heard of it, and no one bought it. they were great years ago, but face it, they are gone and done, regaurdless of what they try to do

09-26-06, 06:24 AM
hes interesting. not really my type, but i dont think he knows wut type he is. if i didnt lisen to rap tho, i bet i'd like him.

Mike Check
09-26-06, 07:30 AM
The Chocolate Starfish And The Hotdog Flavored Water was a great CD! I used to love them, Kid Rock, and Linkin Park. That was before I was so big into rap.

Big M
09-26-06, 09:37 AM
"Results May Vary" was decent. "Almost Over" and the cover of "Behind Blue Eyes" were the only ones I liked.

09-26-06, 04:03 PM
He's alright

Break Stuff, Take A Look Around n Rollin' stick in the memory

09-26-06, 04:28 PM
Ahh theyre soo badd.

09-28-06, 04:38 PM
I like them, Older albumz anyways..

09-28-06, 05:11 PM
have u heard limb bizkit featuring snoop dogg- redlight green light :kwijl:

09-28-06, 05:45 PM
have u heard limb bizkit featuring snoop dogg- redlight green light :kwijl:

omg no, can someone up that plz :D

09-30-06, 03:31 AM
i liked these guys... 2nd and 3rd albums were dopeee i didnt listen after that thou and the first was kinda bad in my opinion... i still bought those 3 thou

10-28-06, 03:19 PM
Just got there greatist hits pure class.

10-28-06, 04:10 PM
omg... lmfao

I thought the same thing. lmao