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09-24-06, 06:30 PM

Mans like Flirta D are always in and around the grime hub that is the RWD dungeons. We caught up with the Legend, the Myth and his musical allies by the names of Skata and S Slim. Three humbles guys ready for battle on the front line in the music game. An independent label; Skata Recordings, affiliated with rappers, emcees, designers, producers, and film directors. This undoubtedly shows their versatility as an independent label. They told us that they have a vast amount of projects in the pipeline, including mixtapes and a DVD which is firm proof that they are successful lone rangers who mean business, Skata told RWD; “We do everything ourselves. We won’t stop grinding.”

S Slim mentioned that he will be travelling to the states to promote the mixtape; Malt Drinks and Mayhem. More in terms of promotion and building an electrifying buzz they have plans of going further upland and also touching parts of Europe and other countries (I smell a new world order). They are not wasting anytime; no one is getting any younger.

Flirta meanwhile spoke on the alleged SLK split by dismissing the story, “SLK didn’t split up we just changed the name to Gully Gang.” As well as repping GG, Dirty Flirts has linked with Maffia Recordings to release his album. He informs RWD ‘I have a lot of foundation to work on so it’s easier’ We’ve heard one track which contains some madness involving the words Easy, Medium, Hard. Sounds weird, but believe us, it’s nuts! But before the album there’s two mixtapes on the way. Raw Phlegm will hit the streets in a couple of weeks and will contain some of his past tunes that have been rejuvenated alongside some fresh tunes, which he has incorporated his creative style into. And he also has his Man Behave mixtape due which has a more of a hip hop feel. “I’m just showing my versatility.”

Skata recordings are not stopping and informed us that; “They are getting more people with more skills to bring to the table.” The next release from the label is the mixtape 2000 & Rebore Sticks. A hell of a lot seems to be brewing with Flirta D and the rest of the North soldiers so don’t be surprised when they go from hot to boiling point. They are going to be massive.

*I cant wait for the new Flirta D shit...Dudes a lil strange in teh way he spits sometimes, but hes a crazy Mc...will be mixtapes to look out for*

09-24-06, 06:59 PM
flirta d is sick

his sounds are sick and jus amaze me, WARPSPEED

09-24-06, 07:12 PM
yeah man north wezzzieeeeee u no how much dat tune mean 2 us from northwest, propz 4 da info

09-24-06, 07:46 PM
haha yeah, that tune was big all across the UK though!

but i take it your originally from North West L then man?

09-24-06, 07:59 PM
yeah blud, willesden man northwest 2, p0art 2 was hot aswell.

09-24-06, 08:01 PM
haha sfe sfe man, wasnt u livin at newcastle aswell man?

09-24-06, 09:25 PM
sounds sick to me so you know i cant wait for this :D

09-25-06, 06:59 PM
haha sfe sfe man, wasnt u livin at newcastle aswell man?
yeah im in newcastle right now cuz, but i go bak n forth 2 london when ever i can init, like holiday halftern etc,

09-25-06, 07:15 PM
ite sfe sfe man!