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09-11-06, 05:14 PM
*Well, this is the biggest (Legal) rave that goes on in the UK...and it happend a few nigths ago...so i though it might be worth postin a review from chantelle fiddy, straight off her blogspot! Its not a bad read, and there was some big performances by the sounds of it...ill see if i can get some videos up aswell! And its nice to see the diveristies of different ethnics at raves these days...cuz if you look at the pic, theres all different colors there...so thats a good thing aswell!*


Whoever would have thought it, a grime night at the ICA. Dirty Canvas took over the bar for the first time and as you can see from James' pic, (he writes for Hooker mag, check his forthcoming review too), it was ramo in the main room. Well it was the only room, but you get the point. Collins started off on the cd decks, we forgot to wear our one off Kesh designs which state 'we don't mix', but as per usual I was just keeping her company shouting things like 'what's this tune' or 'yeah, Kano next'. Every little helps I guess. It was a no show from Cameo so Magic was up next with a little help from Purple and G Double. Seemed to have come along a bit since I last heard them. Following that Plastician licked down the dance with his garage selection. He really exemplifies the difference between a dj and a DJ. His selection was firing, tight mixing and not a bead of sweat! How this was possible I do not know. That was the main downer - no air con. As you can see in this pic, sweat patches doesn't even come close to what was going down perspiration wise. I was wedged by the back door next to the decks most of the night, incase the engineer needed to be called. It also turned out to be the perfect excuse to nip out the back and actually breathe for a minute. You couldn't even bust a good gun finger for fear a. you might knock someone out it was that rammed b. you'd deodrant wasn't as effective as you'd hoped. Anyone who'd remained dry soon got dripping once Boy Better Know landed. Skepta and JME were joined by Jammer and his DJ who'd come straight from Westwood's show. The murkle man got a lot of reloads, as did Skippy and Jamie but the swinging dreads had the youngers towards the front (and the man from Holland) going nuts. Ruff Sqwad arrived late so did a 20 min slot which was good but my energy was getting low. I had to go and wring my dress out. Why I chose to wear jeans underneath instead of shorts i don't know. Blame Collins. She said it might look weird with shorts. I looked ever bloody weirder with my hair stuck to my face and jeans half rolled up. I thought I might have lost some weight but the scales suggest not. I shouldn't have wasted my time crimping either, not only did it wilt in the heat but during my DIY salon session, I stood on the crimper and burnt my toe. It's killy off killy to look at mate. Oh well, you can't have everything. Overall a great night, met a lot of myspacers and blog readers, always great to put a face to a name. No trouble either. Bar staff were cool as were the sound guys. One other gripe though, or take it as a final thought... I know it's great capturing moments but am I the only one who's had enough of getting a camera shoved in their face everytime they go out? The front circle around the decks, as you can also see, was all bright lights and flashes. I kept having to bury my head in Zezi's new hair-do to avoid appearing on whatever waste DVD/picture that's being shot. I don't know whether that makes me vain but it's more about killing the moment. Give us some privacy and let's feel like we're in a party. Where did 'what happens at the rave, stays at the rave' go? Or did it never exist? www.myspace.com/dirtycanvas


09-11-06, 08:34 PM
right..i quickly read most of that i wanna go to a grime rave...cause when i think of raves i just think of pillheads and dance music...round my ends i never hear nor see anything to do with grime raves etc it does my head in haha cause then i might actually go to one!

by the way thats a hot quote in your sig man ;) haha

09-11-06, 08:57 PM
^haha i was listenin to the song "Back Em Down" and just heard that bit and thought id throw it in!

and about the rave ting, i get informed alot about raves up and down the whole of the UK so, ill start postin alot more flyers on here of raves...cuz theres bound to be a few in your area man, its definately somethin you gotta experience...and yeah, alot of people think of raves as mad dance music and pillheads aswell, but they got raves for grime/garage nowadays and there just crazy...they even got hip hop one poppin off alot more! eventhough im only 17 i have been to a few raves, and they better than goin out on a night goin from club to club, serious!

09-11-06, 09:03 PM
yeah man i bet they are better..i seen some clips and shti and thye look sick...definatly up some fliers man id like to know whats going down were and when so i can check out a decent grime rave

09-11-06, 09:11 PM
sfe sfe man...i get alot of flyers sent to me, and see them on sites and that...so ill start postin them up!

theres a new place that is doing legal grime raves just openin over the water on merseyside on the wirral (if you know where that is) and that had its oppening the friday just gone...it was supposed to eb crazy, and its mad how grime has reached small parts of the country like that! so ima try and get to one of there nights, the place is called "The Dogs Bollox" i dont understand that though :undecided:

09-11-06, 09:40 PM
haha soudns cool and when im down at my mates uni in liverpool sometime ill check it out!....and yeah ino why itll be called that well im guessing....aint you ever heard the saying ''the dogs bollox'' its liek osmething thats the best...well if thats what you dont get by it haha

09-12-06, 03:54 PM
Lmao hahaha! nah id never heard that one, haha...i understand it now! Haha thanx man!

09-12-06, 04:00 PM
hahaha asif you didnt know that its alright though man im like it aswell at time..abit random but this B-blue and Nutty P track...Food is sick haha theres some nice songs on that new sk vibemakers tape!