View Full Version : Wiley's Next Mixtape Droppin Tomorrow...

09-09-06, 10:08 PM
Firstly, ill start off with news about Tunnel Vision Volume 1...and then ill move onto the news about Volume 2!
Well, for those who pay attention on how much an artist seels would already know this bit of info, but for those who dont...Wileys Volume 1 Flopped badly! And yes, it is because of people downloading it, BUT Wiley doesnt care about that! cuz the person who leaked it onto the internet, was actually Eskiboy himself! He hasnt said the reason for this, but i believe it is cuz alot of it had already been leaked because of airplay from alot of the tracks!

So, to move onto Tunnel Vision Volume 2...You would be guessing that Wiley would now be worried about wether his second mixtape has already been ripped (Because of airplay) but once again, Wiley doesnt care about that...because Wiley is also leaking this mixtape up himself once again...this would leave you to think "Is wiley dumb?"...but he hasnt stated a reason for doing this yet...and im pretty sure alot of store owners and AJ over at Ukrecordshop.co.uk will be pretty pissed aswell...but Wiley doesnt care, hes still gonna be upping his mixtape TOMORROW! Wiley will be leaking this at 9AM so expect this to be up on here by about 12 AM if im awake...This should be a hot mixtape! but there has yet to be a cover given for it...but it is def comin tommorrow...so be up bright and early to cop the mixtape first ;) haha!

09-09-06, 10:44 PM
what a bellend.

i was gonna cop the lot but why bother.

09-09-06, 11:00 PM
^Lmao! exactly...but its better for people who find it ghard to get hold of UK cd's and also good for the people who are strapped for cash...but wiley aint gonna get shit outta this really!

09-10-06, 07:37 AM
hes just losing money...and damn hes been working hard if the second voumes drops tommorrow!!!