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09-05-06, 05:51 PM
Well, Last Night On Logan Samas Show...The War Report Was Heavy With Alot Of Slewege...Mainly Being Aimed Towards Wiley(As It Has The Past Few Weeks). But Wileys Response Was Pretty Good, And Im Sure I Was The Only One Who Noticed Wiley Slewin A Few U.S Mans...Mainly D-Block, Bad Mouthin Smack DVD Series & Askin What It Was About 'pac & Biggie In More Of A Negative Way But I Gotta Give Him Credit For It...Cuz He Was Actually Dissin Lethal Bizzle While He Was Poking shots At These U.S Dudes! Even Though Im A UK Man, I Gotta Say That Wiley Better Be Hoping That D-Block Or Any Other Mans Respond Cuz Wiley Would Be Fucked...Cuz Lets Face It, Wiley Is A Swag War Mc! Hes Been Demolished In Every Beef He Has Been In...But My Reasons Are For Him Doing This Are To Try And Build Up Hype For His Upcoming Mixtape (Taking A Leaf From 50 Censt Book Kind Of...) Or Trying To Win Back Some Of The Fans That He Has Lost Over The Last Few Months...but If This Is The Case Then He An Idiot For Slewin D-Block...Cuz They Got Respect Out Here...He Should've Dissed A Commercial Rapper If He Was Hoping To Gain Respect...So If D-Block Do Reply all I Gotta Say Is R.I.P Wiley, Cuz That Would Be The End Of His Career!

For Those Who Didnt Hear The Set And Live Near The Kiss 100 Studios...Then Be On The Lookout Cuz Logan Sama Has Said Himself He Will be Giving Out The Set On Cd For Free...So If Anybody Readin This Lives Near The Kiss 100 Fm Studios then Get Down there And Pick One Up For Free...But For The Others...I Have Found A Link For The Download...But Its On Rapidshare...So Ill Up It On Sendspace in A Minute And Post It Up For All Those Who Want to Hear!

*Edit* Heres The Rip Of The War Report From Mondays Show...20 Minute Set!
http://www.sendspace.com/file/bd5f8g *Edit*

09-05-06, 07:58 PM
wiley dissin d-block, my dayz hes gone crazy

i would of dissed someone like ...................... SPIDER LOC.


09-05-06, 08:03 PM
^Lmao! Exactly haha! but he does it on the sly...cuz hes throwin disses at lethal bizzle along with others and then on the closing he starts throwin sly disses at d-block and smack and pac and biggie...he makes them seem like its aimed at lethal b though, check that link and you'll see what i mean!

09-05-06, 08:08 PM
props man id like to hear this...so is wiley actually good or bad at the battle scene?

09-05-06, 08:10 PM
i aint got sound

wiley will get slewd by anyyyyyyyyy mann. trim is awful, stormin absolutly murked trim on that track thats 15mins LONG OMGGGGGGGGG creases at that song


09-05-06, 08:31 PM
LMFAO!!! yeah! hahaha!

But i still gotta say Trim along with bashy are the best war Mc's in the game at the moment i think!

And DD, Nah man...wileys a swag War Mc...hes been murked in every beef he bin in, he a good Mc no doubt...but hes not good at dissin...thats why i think hes doin it for attention on his upcomin mixtape...cuz hes just askin to get murked by D-block and lethal b!

09-07-06, 07:28 PM
looooooool wiley kat dissin d block!!
shda dissd yukmouth or sum1

09-07-06, 10:12 PM
i listen to this loads i think that all the disses that logan sama played were all pretty good if im honest...as for wiley we'll have to see if anyone like d-block does respond

09-08-06, 03:19 PM
Yeah, he normally does play sick songs on the war report, but this has been the best from the last few weeks, if theres a good one next week and i get a good enough software to rip from, ill rip it and up it for anybody again...and a few exclusives aswell...cuz hes playing alot of exclusives from Narstie's new mixtape, the mixtape where he uses all indie songs and spits grime over them! sick the songs ive head, like spun a web, with a coldplay sample...ill up it if anybody wants to hear, and logan sama played a good oasis one off of the mixtape aswell witch was pretty good!