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09-05-06, 05:37 PM
Well I Reported On This Not Much Longer Than A Month Back When It Was All Just A "Rumour" About Him Raping Somebody...But He Has Now Been Sent Down For 5 Years...And Here Is A Quote From Chantelle Fiddy!

OK, Mercston is lookin at 5 years on rape charges. Thats a long time to get locked up, so chances are it was a *serious* thing. As well as this you might want to get you're "Free Mercston" shirts, banners, myspace pages etc. ready. U know that theres gonna be a loada campaigns from dumbass fans bout lettin him out early or summink. If hes in jail for 5 years, he aint gonna be let out cause hes famous!!! Plus hes a grime artist, meaning that it will be a miricale if hes let out early. He better get busy with a pen, cause when hes out, a few things could happen. a) His buzz is totally lost and so many artists are doing it big, people start thinking, Mercston who? b) People are actually eager to hear what he has to say and cop anything he puts out. Guess the closest he'll get to a studio is his mobile phone, oh well, i guess we'll see Mercston in 5 years. The Movement obviously want him out after hearing their tune on Logan Sama. And if i was the woman who made the accusations, i'd keep a low profile for 5 years, after hear the Movement track, it looks like shes in trouble, BIG trouble if she see's anyone from the Movement. Grime Scene might want a new logo too.

After Hearing The Track From The Movement On Lgan Samas Show Myself I Do Actually Think Mercston Is Innocent And The Girl Set Him Up In Some Way...But Obviously There Is Still Some Truth In The Rap Story...But I Gotta Admit I Did Say If Mercs Does Get Locked Up Then Ill Say Fuck Him...But My Opinion Is That There Was Some Setting Up To Do With This...But Like Ive Just Said Theres Obviously Gotta Be Truth In The Story...So Im Gonna Loses Alot Of Respect For Mercs' If He Does Drop Some New Shit When He Gets Out And I Sure As Hell Wont Be Coppin It, But I Feel For Dude(Just A Little)...Cuz Hes Been Havin A Sick Career Lately And His Mixtape Was More Or Less A Classic In Alot Of People's Eyes (Including Mine)...But Looks Like The Mercs' Fans Gotta Wait Five Years To Have A Chance Of Hearing Him Drop Some New Shit...But You Wont Catch Me Yellin Free Mercston, If Dude Is A Rapist!

But Just To Finish On A Less Of A Bad Note...Here Is Mercston's New Video With Ghetto:


09-05-06, 08:13 PM
Thats fucked up...but yeah liek you and i said before we would lose respect for him....and that i will....although you have to feel sorry for him because what if he is actually innocent? the thats fucked up.....

09-05-06, 08:16 PM
^Yeah i know...id hate to be the girl who done it though...for 2 reasons...cuz if she did get raped, then shes gonna feel like shit for the rest of her life...but if she a skank and was just settin mercs' up then...the movement made it pretty clear they better not bump into her! but id like to think mercs' was innocent, but alot of his songs are bout linkin girls...so it doesnt really help the situation i suppose :undecided:

09-05-06, 08:18 PM
yeah youve got a valid point there man:( i guess the only people who will ever know are him and the girl