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09-05-06, 04:29 PM

Looks Like Theres A Few Big Tunes On This Mixtape...Its Got The Obvious Features From Boy Better Know...But Its Also Got Features From: Rage, Esco, Jammer, Scorcher, Godsgift, Maveric & Dizzee Rascal!

The Tunes Im Looking Forward To Hearing Are: Pay As You Go (Just Look At The Features), Crash Bandicoot Freestyle (Cuz Frisco Killed His Version On His Mixtape...Took Grime To Anotha Level With That One Song! Was Crazy) & The 16 Bar Rally Looks Hot Aswell!

This Mixtape Drops On The 8th Of September...This Coming Friday! Be On The Lookout For The Download...Or Go Cop It!

09-05-06, 08:13 PM
i got to get this

that pay as u go tune is it from pay as you go times or is it new?????? if its new im gonna fuckin love it

though i loved pay as u go champagne dance back ago shit was fire

09-05-06, 08:16 PM
gd gd gd gd gd gd gd! haha this looks pretty sick cant wait for this :D damn i cant remember when i bumped a us track last other than dps thomas the tank remix :D haha uk stand up!

09-05-06, 08:33 PM

and Jonzz...i dont know man, i was thinkin teh same about the pay as you go shit...its got dizzie and ace on it...so it could possibly be so! we just gotta wait and see to be honest...should be a sick mixtape though, but i thought da 2nd phaze was kinda dissapointing compared to treddin on thin ice...but teh dubs wiley bin droppin lately have been sick...so hopefully this should follow!

09-06-06, 10:49 AM
i liked 2nd phaze


09-06-06, 03:57 PM
^Yeah i liked 2nd phaze aswelll...but compared to treddin on thin ice it wasnt even close i though...prolly cuz i like the eski sound more :undecided: