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08-31-06, 01:24 PM
Well Im Sure A Few Of You Have Already Heard The Song...But He Recently Put A Messege On His Myspace (I Think) Giving Soem Background Info On The Song...

"Big up Logan, Rampage and Westwood who played the track this weekend. If you haven't heard it yet it's me and Vybz Cartel on the collaboration, track called 'Buss It Up', produced by Don Corleone. Gonna start getting it out there but will put a clip up here soon, wanna get your feedback on it. Think it's only going to be a 7 inch release, warm-up for the single and new album."

"We recorded it in Kingston, Jamaica. It was the most stressful yet enjoyable time. Nothing seemed to go right over there, it's really hard to get hold of people and that... I had to wait about 4 days to record it, but we got there in the end and only took about 20 mins to lay vocals down on it. I went to Don Corleone's first to hear some beats, the one we used he'd made with me in mind. It's kinda a mash up of grime and bashment, he knew we could both work with it. I caught a good vibe in the studio, Cartel is one of the best MC's I've seen. We were watching the Champions League in the studio and he just rolled in, listened to the beat, took his pen out, got a yoot to go get him a guinness, rolled a zoot and filled up the paper. He asked me how many bars he should write but I told him to just go with it and do what he wanted, that's why I don't come on the track until about 1 min 30!"

08-31-06, 01:52 PM
nice read man...if im honest i aint feeling the song 100% maybe itll catch on to me though playing it a few times thoguh

08-31-06, 01:55 PM
^Yeah, There Was Alot Of Hype Around It Before The Release...even I Was Hyping It Up...But It Was Kind Of Dissapointment At Firts But After Listenin To It A Few Tiems...Its Sick I Think...Ill Be Anticipating the Clearer Version Of It Though!

08-31-06, 03:00 PM
aint hear of it yet, propz tho lookin 4ard 2 hear kano

08-31-06, 03:34 PM
^Ive Upped It Man...Have A Look In This Section...I Posted A Link For It!