View Full Version : Why Does The UK Feel It Has To Compare Itself To U.S.A Rap?

08-30-06, 09:26 PM
Be confident in your hustle, don't act like "*insert UK artist* is much better then
*insert US artist*". Respect both sides of the table, why can't you admit both sides have talent and move on?!

08-30-06, 11:12 PM
because americans think UK doesnt have rap acts .

08-30-06, 11:17 PM

Theres Dudes On This Site That think The UK Is All About Them Dudes In London Who Wear Them Tall Black Hats And We All Sip Tea! And They All Think The UK Music Is Garbage...You Catch Alot Of Dudes On The Site Saying This...So This Is Why We Feel We Need To Rep Our Own Culture Instead Of Hoping On A Bunch Of Yanks Dicks When Weve Got Talented Rappers In Our Own Backyards!

08-31-06, 08:27 AM
Just what dp said basically to be honest..........its all ways the us who compare the uk...all we do is just hold down our scene like the yanks do theres.....i mean dont get it twisted i bump the us scene.....the us scene being what got me into rap as a child so i always thank them for that shit to myself...but i just bump uk liek all the time now because our scenes underground even here in the uk but its fire...and i would love the scene to get more attention but if it went comerch then it would get fucked like the us scene has

08-31-06, 12:08 PM
Dude, out of experience, UK takes rap sensitive. I was talking to a couple Uk friends, telling him about this local artist I saw live...then I got 100 names of people who were "better then my favorite artist". No need to go offensive when no on else is :(. Why do I deserve to be attacked :(.

08-31-06, 12:44 PM
^Haha Well Your Friend Is Prolly True ;) Lol

But I Cant Honestly Answer That Question Cuz, Its Hard To Explain...We Just Feel Like We Need To Rep What We Do...And The People Who Like The Whole UK Scene Are Normally The Ones That Are Saying He's(UK Artist) Better Than Him(US Artists)...We Say This Cuz We Feel We Need To Get Our Point Across, Cuz Still UK Music Is Not Respected In Any Other Countrys, Eventhough It Should Be...So We Feel When Somebody Asks Us About UK Artists We Feel We Need To Make A Point On How Ones Better Than The Other...This Is Only My Opinion, So Other People May See It Differently, So Wait And See What They Say Aswell I Suppose Man :undecided:

And This Was A Good Topic To Bring Up Aswell, I Think!

08-31-06, 12:46 PM
no man its safe i aint going at you..im just saying its always the americans who hate on the uk acts...which i put that probs down to jealousy in a fair few cases.....but those americans who appreciate the uk scene liek the uk appreciate the us scene get love back

08-31-06, 12:50 PM
Canadians get to see both sides, because our Hiphop scene is scare compared to Uk and Us. Don't get me wrong, we still have our quality...just not as much.

08-31-06, 12:53 PM
yeah if im honest i havent heard much of the canadian scene....hopefully youll get to drop some canadian stuff in the underground section...i aint judgemental like what some us cats are like (not all) so if you would upload any canadian shit id like to hear what its like

08-31-06, 01:02 PM
^^^Yup Yup...Same Here! If You Up Some Id Mos Def Check It Out Man!

09-01-06, 12:12 PM
Mic Assassin did let us down when he battled Iron Solomon in NYC though, he
didnt come as hard as he could have done. So that's one example why the
US think we got whack rappers.

09-01-06, 01:26 PM
Lol U.K Cant even make mainstream cause usa dont think we got any talent they seem to think we all posh n shit like that but it completely the opposit. I mean u.k are breakthin thru now we even gettin peeps on MTV Base lol ive seen sway biz and akala on it soon enough we will be in tha charts wont be long...and the only u.k artist to ever go plat that was rnb/hip hop is craig david we need some propa heads up there.

09-01-06, 06:07 PM
yeah man im feeling you...the scenes building up pretty quickly its only a matter of time now

Xpress Urself
09-01-06, 10:21 PM
ppl ppl of course UK is garbage compared to US c'mon mayne we base our wackness on wat we see like ya'll best female MC lady Soverignty fuckeva her name is clearly makes ya'll looks like pure fuckin assholes so thats a big part of it..n i guess UK artist cant reach outside audience like US does cuz look we all obviously speaks english but when ya'll put your G.O.A.T against US G.O.A.T i dont even know if that arguement is legit feel me..UK hiphop grimey or wateva appeals to only UK fans n lastly ma point which am basin on tha BET docu. is ya'll know UK accent is quiet shacky you gotta really pay attention to understand tha shit n these niggas goin like 100m/hr rhymin me n ma niggas watchin it like tha fuck is dese niggas talkin about? feel me so we switched tha channel no way UK gotta feel it needs to compare itself to US rap cuz tha would just make UK all sloppy no B.S. tho thats just from ma perspective smell me!

am out!

09-01-06, 10:34 PM
^Yeah Thats Grime Mans...You Go Listen To Our True Hip Hop Mans From The UK And See What Dudes Are Spittin And I Garuntee You Wont Be Sayin That After Listening Man! And Of Course UK Grime Dudes Are Gonna Spit That Way Cuz Thats How It Goes...No Real Mc's Here In The UK Are Spittin American Just To Try And Impress Everybody Over Seas...We Couldnt Give A Fuck If A Grime Artist Goes Big In The US Cuz It Only Fucks The Dude Up...Look At How Dizzee Rascal Turned Out After Spendin A Year Over There...Came Back A Dropped The Wackest Shit After He'd Just Dropped A CLassic Album! But If You Listen To One Of Our UK Hip Hop Dudes...They Will Merk Any Dude Thats Spittin Rigth Now In The US Bar A Few...And Everybody Bad Mouthing The UK Grime Scene...Everybody Will Be Loving It Come This Time Next Year Man...Theres Big Dudes Out In The US Fuckin Wit Grime Right Now, Jay Z, Twista, Lil Jon Etc...
This Time Next Year Grime Will Be Everywhere But Dudes Still Wont Go Commercial And Start Talkin On Some Weak Shit! But Alot Of Dudes From The US Arent Feelin UK Hip Hop For The Simple Reason...Our Mc's Are Talking Guns And How They Buss Somebody...Cuz Our Mc's Spit Real Shit...Chck Skinny Man, Plan B, Akala, Sway...Dudes Arent Talkin Shit About How They Got All The Money And What Cars There Drivin...Everysong Has A Story To It, And If Your From The UK You Can Relate To It, So Thats Prolly Anotha Reason Alot Of US Dudes Arent Feelin It, Cuz We Dont Got Fake Studio Gangsta's...And When Grime Dudes Talk Gun Play...They Mean For Real, In The US You Got Dudes Talkin Guns But Dont Do Shit...theres Been Plenty Of Tiems When Numerous Mc's Have Been Put Away For Shootin Other Dudes Or Stabbin Other Dudes Includin Other Mc's...Just Check That Video And Check The Dude From Nasty Crew With The Scars On His Face...Crazy Titch Is Facing Chares For Bussin Dudes...The Only Time Our Mc's Talk Guns Is When They Are Going To Do Somethink1 So Our Form Of "Urban" Music Is Alot More True To Themselves And True To The Word Than What US Hip Hop Is...Cuz At The Moment I Gotta Say That US Music Is An Embarresement...You Can Say The Same Shit About The UK But Youre Basing That On One Artists (Lady Sov) And This Girl Hasnte Got Any Fans Here Anyway...so She Cant Exactly Count...But Dudes Form The UK Can Talk On The US Form Of Hip Hop Cuz We Got A Wider Range Of Knowledge On It Than What Ya'll Have On Our Scene! Truth.

Xpress Urself
09-01-06, 10:41 PM
LMFAO! they got mo real dudes in UK than US? i rest ma case homie ya'll go ahead n do wat ya'll do n hopefully next year we all be lovin it..but aint that lady sov. ya'll best female MC?? now she got no fans over there? n why is that ya'll got knowledge of US rap tha we do on yours cuz we're able to move tha mass u dig but ya'll cant no hatin tho but w/e mayne..

09-01-06, 10:47 PM
^Who Said She Was Our Best Female Mc?! Just Cuz Some Inteview You Read From A Yank Says It, How The Fuck They Gon Know Who's The Best Female Mc When They Aint Even From That Country?! If You Wanna Know Who Our Best Female Mc's Are...Go Check Out Shystie, No-Lay Or Baby Blue,...Any Of These 3 Mc's Would Straight Merk Alot Of Your DUDES..Dont Believe Me? Go Check Any Of Them 3 Out...Your A Stubborn Dude So You Wont Admit It Man...But You Know Im The Truth About This If You Actually Go And Listen To Any Of Them 3! And Of Course We Got More Real Dudes Here Than The US...Ya'll got Maybe 4 At The Most That Are True Mc's And Still Livin In The US...All Our Mc's Bar Maybe 2 Spit The Truth...They Dont Talk Thsi Bullshit To Sell Records...Thats Why Were Still Underground...They Dont Talk Bullshit About Gunds And Who They Aledgedly Shot Up Unless They Have To Whereas All Your Dudes Do It On Every Song! And If Your Trying To Say Ya'll Got Knowledge On MC's From The UK...Then Obviously You Havent Otherwise You would Be Agreein With 90% What I Just Said! But Its Pointless ME Tellin You This Shit, Cuz your A Stubborn Dude And You Aitn Gonna Go And Listen To Any Of Our MC's...So ITs Pointless Me Tellin U, Its Liek A Kid Who Just Doesnt Wanna Learn!

Xpress Urself
09-01-06, 10:56 PM
OK Mr.dpgunit oh how diddy..haha i get it UK artist more realer than US artist.yea we only got 4 real dudes n UK female emcee would strait murk US dudes why not! case close no need goin on u dig!!! GRIME that shit fuck US rap .now am believer CASE FUCKIN CLOSE!

09-01-06, 10:59 PM
^See You A Stubborn Bitch...and If You Wasnt Such A Pussy, You Wouldnt Even Be Postin This Right Now...Cuz I Wouldve Had You Gone From The Site Bare Time Ago With That Battle...But Somebody Got Scared ;) Haha You Remeber That! Haha Pussy! Be Quiet Now Man, Its Pointless If You Gon Come In The Section And Hate! So If You Hate After This I Gotta Do My Job And Delete It!

09-02-06, 07:14 AM
LAdy sov is whack theres way better Baby blue is bette or even estelle who is old now mayne :D lol

09-02-06, 08:48 AM
Honestly i dont care at all..
i dont care if hes from uk
i dont care if hes from us
i dont care if hes from iraq

Theres some uk rapeprs that can spit and some cant
theres some us rappers that can spit and some cant

and the only reason why us rappers are so famous and big is casue us has a longer rap fan base then the uk

09-02-06, 12:26 PM
^Basically And Thats Comin From A US Dude...So Atleast There Is Somebody On This Site With Some Common Sense And Respectin What We Doin!

09-02-06, 05:19 PM
Couldn't of worded it better myself Ace