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08-28-06, 10:07 PM
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Bajan pop princess Rihanna performs at the b2 concert, the second in the bmobile concert series, at Pier 2, Chaguaramas, on Saturday.

US R&B/soul singer John Legend picked up exactly where producer and friend rapper Kanye West left off when he delivered an exciting stage show at the b2 concert on Saturday night at Pier 2, Chaguaramas.

Credited with launching Legend's career, West, the headline act of the first instalment of the bmobile concert series last December, had his musical presence all through Legend's 90-minute set.

His passion for funk and jazz shone through in Legend's music as the crooner mixed the popular tracks off his multi-Grammy award-winning debut album Get Lifted with new unreleased material from his upcoming project Once Again, which hits record shops next month.

The sold-out crowd enjoyed every moment of Legend as he teased his fingers along the keys of his black Yamaha piano, inspiring them to join into the chorus of the title track off his debut.

"Let's get lifted," they harmonised with Legend's smooth background vocalists while his band cranked up to full pace.

He followed up with a love song called "Heaven Only Knows" off the new album that showed his gospel roots before taking the microphone from atop his piano to a stand positioned at stagefront to spurn a deceitful web of a love triangle in his popular groove track "She Don't have to Know".

"We'd go to T&T and hold hands publicly all through the streets cause they don't know you and they don't me," he sang, inspiring another roar of approval from the ladies who swooned at his feet in both the VIP and general admission sections of the crowd.

With a partition splitting the front of the dome-shaped stage, both sections were afforded the opportunity to get close to the performer.

They seemed all too eager to draw to stagefront when Roca-fella's latest star Rihanna was announced as the first of the international acts following a lively opening from Kes the band.

The Barbadian pop princess Rihanna, as she was introduced on the night, however, failed to impress during a lacklustre 45-minute set.

A change of clothing, three times over, didn't change her fortune on the stage as her DJ had to call several times for the crowd to get into her performances of her hits "SOS", "Turn It Up" and "Loving That You Want".

"Come on, T&T, we came all the way from Barbados to do this show," Rihanna pleaded amidst an uninspired groan from the crowd.

Legend, meanwhile, slowed the tempo to perform another ballad off his new album, titled Each Day Gets Better before once again upping the ante to sing the very popular "Number One" which features vocals from West.

He continued in that way throughout his performance, mixing the old with the new before pausing to invite a young lady out of the general admission section of the crowd to dance with him while he sang another new song called "Slow Dance".

"People always ask me, John, why do you sing all those cheating songs but, as Snoop Dogg told me, you can change nephew," he said with a laugh as he once again positioned himself behind his piano while his fingers found the opening notes to "I Can Change".

Shades of Lionel Richie could be seen in his movements, vocals and attitude as the lights dimmed for his rendition of the mega-hit "Ordinary People".

Legend ended his set with "So High" before telling the crowd he would return only if their cheers were loud enough.

The deafening screams for his return must have been heard as far as his home town in Ohio.

He responded in emphatic fashion, returning to end his performance with a never-before-heard upbeat remix of the song.