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08-27-06, 08:30 PM
I Wish I Never...

Went on a tune called Desert Storm...
When you're new in the scene you get tricked into doing things. I hear the tune in the studio and played loud I thought It could do something big but then I heard it the other day and I was pissed off.

Cut my hair...
I used to have a big afro, check the back of my mixtape, you'll see the pictures. I'm not going to grow it back though, I grew it in jail and it was easy but I can't grow it like that on road.

Took so damn long to write my verse today…
I wished I'd collected the Prangin' Out Remix beat and written it before cause when there's a lot of people in the studio it's bare jokes and I can't concentrate. I like my bars to be on fire.

Visited Scorcher late last week...
Cause I didn't get there on time last week I had to go back to the jail house and visit him yesterday which meant I missed my probation meeting.

Missed Probation...
Man if I hadn’t missed probabtion there’s wouldn’t be a warrant out for my arrest now. I'm on probation for a series of things mostly driving, driving and driving.

Went on certain DVD's...
People shit on you, they'll try make you look a certain way, they just put the hype bits on, that's how they see Ghetto, they don't see Ghetto in a normal, jokey way. I've calmed down a lot and I'm serious now.

Lost this one bet...
The girl bet heads and put it this way, two minutes later I was butt naked and it was unfair, she got to keep all her clothes on while I walked around my house like that, mum downstairs and everything.

Clashed Napper...
Why did I do that? Is he in my league? No. I can't watch myself you know, I don't know what's wrong with me. Back when I first came out of jail and clashed I was like 'if I lose i'm gonna fuck you up' but it's not that now.

Started smoking weed...
It’s so hard to get off it, I'm off it now but at certain times when I'm stressed or need inspiration i think 'ooh just one draw', but it doesn't help. I've started to dream again and I feel nice. I'd forgotten what dreaming was like.

Lashed this chick bare back...
She knows who she is: the hood bicycle about five years ago. Having unprotected sex in the heat of the moment isn't the one, but I'm alright and I'm more responsible than I used to be. I don't like lashing certain girls still, I'm a fly guy.

Ghetto 2000 & Life Vol.1 is in all good independent record shops now.

Ghetto Murkin An Acoustic Beat:


08-27-06, 09:27 PM
rofl ghetto gives me jokes

08-27-06, 09:33 PM
haha yeah!

If you see him before the breaks on mtv base...dudes even jokes on there! hes crazy haha!

08-28-06, 08:49 AM
i got this but i aint listend to it yet if im honest ill check out the album later!