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08-26-06, 10:36 AM
wat do u all fink of him? i like him he is ver talented he can sing and mc and he does it all to a different sort of beat!! ill up some of his stuff later if u like :D

08-26-06, 12:52 PM
Yeah, I Like Him! Hes Somethin Fresh In The UK Hip Hop Scene...Cuz U Dont See Dudes Rappin And Playin The Guitar On Jools Hollands Show...But, Hes Clever In The Way He Writes His Song...Like That Tune Charmane I Think Its Called...You Listen Through The whole Song And Then The Endin Just Hits You! And Its the Truth...That Shit Happens Up And Down The Country! Theres 2 Girls Near Where I Live In Walton, Who Look About 19 And There 13 And Are Prostitues But OPnly Give ?Head And Other Small Things! So You Can Relate To Alot Of His Music, Cuz He Doesnt Just Spit About One Certain Thing So That Only People From His Area Understand What Hes Saying...The Stuff He Spits Happens Up And Down The UK On A Daily Basis & He Could Even go International And People Would Feel Him, Cuz He Aint Tryin To Be No Gangsta...He Even Said It Himself, Hes Not Tryin To Be Fake, He Just Wants To Make Real Music! And At The Moment, He Is Definately Doing That!

I Seen This Dude Perform A Few Years Back At A Urban Nigth Here In Liverpool And I Was Kinda Feeling Him But Not That Much, And When His Album Dropped, I Still Wasnt ?Feeling Him That Much, But The Album Grows On You...Its A Classic To The UK In My Eyes...But If Your A Posh Boy/Girl And You Try To Listen To His Music...Your Gonna Hate IT! cuz Its Just Gonna Be Going Stright Over Your Head...But I Garuntee, Everybody Can Relate To Atleast One Song On This Album, No Matter What Walks Of Life They Are From! So This Makes ME Think This Dude Is A Genius And A Breath Of Fresh Air To The Scene!

08-26-06, 02:56 PM
when i first heard plan b i thought his ego was pretty high but like dp said the more you listen to him the more you like him...this has great potential of being a solid uk classic and with m,ike skinner backing him he should get all the premotion he needs

08-27-06, 02:17 PM
Track is called Charmaine ye! Tune that. Got bare mans feelin that at work.

I wasn't really feeling him when i heard him on Run the Roads on that tune Cap Back or smth he was jus mcing and it wasnt really fitting his style im glad he found his feet doing something good.

if u aint heard his album go cop that shit man, when he raps backwards like nas did that shit is fire he is a very talented writer.

08-27-06, 02:57 PM
yeah man he sure does surprise you the Charmaine track is pretty cool if you ask me...also tracks like Tough Love are pretty hard hitting but are good...the whole athmosphere of the album is kinda on a sad side but its still fire

You guys should also check out his promo mixtape titled Its Time For Plan B

08-27-06, 03:04 PM
copped that before i got the album man it was a good setup :)

08-27-06, 03:06 PM
True true gotta agree!....not seen you round much...how long you been here for...you seem to be a decent ukhh head