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08-23-06, 12:57 AM
Papoose is about to become a legend. He was first introduced to the public in 1998 when he did a song with from DJ Kay Slay's Streetsweeper, Vol. 2: The Pain From The Game, a mix tape album released on Sony. Since then Kay Slay has taken Papoose under his wing and they have made some One of his most notable songs, which fans generally recommend to new listeners, is "Alphabetical Slaughter" where Papoose proceeds to rap using only the letters of the alphabet in sequence. Other notable highly recommended songs are "Sharades" [one of my personal favourites], "Chess", "Lets Play Monopoly", "Bloody War", "Hail Mary". Heís also a big supporter of other up and coming rappers trying to make it in the game and shows much love to the UK which is why weíre about to show that back to him.

How did you get the name Papoose?

I got my name from my grandmother when I was born. Itís what native Americans call babies and young children.

What do you think the importance is of mix tapes to the underground hip hop scene?

I think theyíre very important because mix tapes are all that we have. Itís a platform to move forward.

Whenís your full album coming out? Can you tell me what we can expect from it?

Weíre hoping it will be out this year. You can expect a lot from it weíre going to cover a lot of ground that I havenít covered before. There are going to be a few big collaborations as well.

I heard Dr.Dre produced a few tracks on that?

Yeah, he did. Thereís also Swizz Beats and people like that.

What was it like being in the Touch It video alongside well respected names in the hip hop game?

That was a big honour. Iíve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into my career so finally making a move like that was great. I had a lot of street records out already so Busta brought me on that, the rest is history.

Whenís the next video out? Weíve seen you on many collaborations but no solo tracks.

Itís featuring Akon and is called Ghetto Soldier. Iím gonna have to send that over to the UK.

Akonís big over here but so are youÖ

Really? How big?

Youíre huge to the hip hop heads but you really have to come over here and make your presence felt, we need more kids to hear you.

I will have to come over to change that and we should hook up too.

Definitely. Kay Slay has really supported your career, what does that mean to you?

He still supports me now, heís like a brother to me and thatís close to my heart.

What made you record Alphabetical Slaughter?

I wrote that in the early nineties to do something different before anyone else did it.

Is there anyone you think would beat you in a lyrical battle?

Iím on top of my game so thereís no need for that. I battled when I was young but right now Iím on making music and staying around.

How have you managed to keep a balance between staying underground but at the same time having mainstream appeal?

Iím just being who I am and use the same techniques that I used back in the day which is what got me here.

Thereís a huge bidding war going on, when are you going to sign a major deal?

Iím in the process right now and have chosen a label to sign with. I canít say yet but give me a couple of days and Iíll be announcing that. Itís been a long time coming.

Do your boys in BK still treat you the same as they ever did or have some started hating?

There are a whole lot of haters. I have to destroy them [haters] before they destroy me. Iím in Brooklyn all the time and get a lot of love from there, I hopefully always will because thatís my home.

How has being from the streets affected your music?

Thatís the inspiration for my music, itís everything to me.

Do you think youíll become as legendary as rappers like Biggie and Nas?

I hope so, thatís what Iím aiming for.

Would you ever do a track with any up and coming UK artists?

Yeah definitely. Iím mainly over here and not familiar with many artists but Iíve heard a lot about the UK music scene and when Iím there I will take the time to listen. Thugacation is the up and coming artist that Iím supporting right now. Weíve known each other for a long time.


By Rashmi Shastri


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Propz good read

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Nice, Man...Not Much In There About The UK But It Was Still A Good Read Man...Propz!

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