View Full Version : Jayz Live In birmingham

08-22-06, 12:16 AM
Live in birmingham
Tickets: 25

Is anyone from here going?!?!
me and ben where thinking about going not to exspensive but i dont have no money :lookdown:

Ben Jr
08-22-06, 12:27 AM

are they sold out

08-22-06, 12:40 AM
Im going in september in Dublin :D

Ben Jr
08-22-06, 12:42 AM

Im ringin tomoro with my fingers crossed

08-22-06, 12:47 AM
Outlaw you bastard!!! how u get tickets n shit ring up or net?

08-22-06, 01:25 AM
Outlaw you bastard!!! how u get tickets n shit ring up or net?

Got them in Virgin :)

08-22-06, 11:09 AM
In Bham thats my backyard might be going thier gotta GET THOSE TICKETS

08-22-06, 12:16 PM
why dont any rappers come to newcastle :(

08-22-06, 12:20 PM
I'm going. Doing a tout job tho.

08-22-06, 12:46 PM
^^^^haha...i dont think you will get any man, will be lucky if you do though!

and im goin...my girl bought be tickets standin at the M.E.N in manchester....got the time ago...hopefully hes got a few guest appereances with him!

also....you should check ebay if you want tickets man...cuz a while back they had ones on there for cheap...so it may be worth checkin out!

Ben Jr
08-22-06, 03:34 PM
so who is goin

08-22-06, 05:38 PM
^ looks like its only me and outlaw who actually have tickets!

08-22-06, 10:31 PM
I am. :D

08-24-06, 06:47 PM
i wanted to go but i jus spent all my money at v festival seeing kano was sick yo

08-25-06, 11:47 AM
I was gonna buy tickets a soon as i heard he was coming to Birmingham but
a few weeks past and i still didnt get any tickets. Birmingham is pretty much
sold out, only tickets you can buy now are right at the back of the n.i.a
which is whack. I'd still wanna go and see him even if it's in Manchester but
again they'll be sold out and only have shitty seats left.

08-25-06, 12:48 PM
^^^Nah man...get over on ticket master...i was on there last week and it said that they had standing at manchester...all u gta do is get early and ur at the front of the stage basically...its worth checkin just incase teh standing ticket s are still up...ive got standing ones for manchester, but i got mien time ago...its also worth checkin ebay man, cuz they sell official tickets!

08-25-06, 01:30 PM
yeah, Ben Jr + Me r standin in Birmingham

08-25-06, 01:35 PM
If You Aint Never Bin A Concert Before Man...When Your Standin, Its Sick...The Vibes Are Sick Aswell...Its Better Going To The Carling Academys To See Artists Perform When Your Standing Though...But Jay Z Would Never Do A Venue Like That...Cuz Theyre Onli Small!