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08-21-06, 09:16 PM
A nationwide lyrics competition is underway in the UK giving all MC's, singers, songwriters, rappers and writers the chance to land a slot collaborating with some of the UK's finest acts - Estelle, Kano, Terri Walker - or even US rapper Rhymefest.

The Rhyme4Respect competition is being support by MTV Base, Galaxy FM and Foot Locker. Four lucky lyricists will win time in the booth with their chosen artist if they can write a winning effort on the topic of relationships and safe sex. The winning singer / song writer will team up with a leading Rhyme4Respect producer to perform the track themselves.

The winning tracks from the competition will form part of a limited edition CD and MTV Base will produce and air a Rhyme4Respect video as part of their "Money Can't Buy" prize.

Rhyme4Respect The Limited Edition Inspirational CD will also feature tracks from Alicia Keys, Rhymefest, Terri Walker, Kano, Lemar, Natasha Beddingfield, Ms. Dynamite and The Streets and will be available at www.rhyme4respect.com.

The closing date for entries has already passed (August 20), but the website appears to be still taking submissions, so it is worth trying to submit any remaining entries immediately at www.rhyme4respect.com

All entries will be posted on the same site giving everyone the opportunity to check out the talent and short-list the contestants. A public vote will be held between August 21 and 27. The final shortlist will be judged by a panel of industry experts who will decide on four entries per artist that have the best lyrics that promote self-respect, positive sexual relationships and safer sex.

Once the top entrants have been filtered, Kano, Estelle, Terri Walker and Rhymefest will judge the winners personally.

08-21-06, 09:33 PM
Yeah...I seen about this shit on Mtv base and the lick...i dont see why dickhead rhymefest is gettin involved with the UK scene so much...dude said fuck the uk music only a few months back...so dude can eat a dick and straight fuck off! but it woudl be straight fire to work with estelle or kano or even terri walker for that matter! girls fine haha!