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08-21-06, 05:12 PM
Well...Im Sure Alot Of People Can Remember The Wiley vs. Bashy Beef...And How Big This Got And How Bashy Striaght Murked Wiley At Every Chance...Well Word Is The Roll Deep Crew Wer On Radio Murkin Bashy And Wiley Goin Raw Airin Dude Out...So It Sounds Like This Shit Has Started Up Again...But I Seriously Think Wiley Should Be Concentratin On His Album Instead Of Startin Up Bare Beef With Dudes...Cuz This Shit (In My Opinion) Will Bury Wiley...Cuz Almost Everybody Would Agree Wiley Is The Best War MC On Road Afetr Trim...So Wileys Just Shot Himself In The Foot...And Its Not Asif Scratchy Will Get Involved Again And Get Murked By Bashy! Ill Try And Get The Rip From The Show Where Roll Deep Murked It(If This Is True, Alot Of Dudes Are Talkin About It, But I Havent Heard It Yet, Thats Why Its Ive Named It A Rumor)...But Bashy Will Mos Def Coem Back Strong Again...Just Watch This Space!

The Second Rumour Will Appeal To Alot More Of You....Kano's New Tune About To Drop...I Know Theres Alot Of Dudes On This Site Who Dont Post In Here But Are Kano Fans...So Heres One For You (Even If You Do Reply Or Not In Here)...Word Is That His New Tune From His New Album ,Coming Out Spring Next Year, Is Set To Drop Early September, This Has Came From The Kano Camp...So Its More Of A Definate Than A Rumour...But Seeings As There Hasnt Been Any Real Statement, Just Dudes Talkin Then This Is Still A Rumour...But This Should Be Somethink To Look Forward To Seeings Of Alot have To Go Back To School Around The Time This Tuen Will Drop...So Hopefully It Will Cheer You Up Haha! But No Worrys, Ill Be Sure To Get The Song Posted Up The Moment It Drops...Its Back To Old Style For Kano Aswell, Dude Aint Droppin No Girly Tune (i.e Brown Eyes & Nite Nite)...Shits Supposedly Gonna Be A Classic From Kano...But I Doubt Anythin Will Beat P's & Q's For A Classic On Kano's Behalf...That Shit Was Fire!!

*Also...On Anotha Note Of Kano...He Is To Feature On The Cover Of Time Out (Carnival Guide Edition) Along With Lilly Allen! Would Be Interesting To Know What Kane Thinks Of Her....*

08-21-06, 06:36 PM
dono bout da beef thing, yeah i wanna hear dat kano shit, i hope he got sign on some big label coz dat man spit fire, sign in live, beat and bar tetc was sick, beat and bar was just fukin crazie, he got da flow and da lyric better den most em da usa rapper.

08-21-06, 06:45 PM
^^^word...he kills every track he jumps on! and hes already signed to a big label man...hes at miek skinners The beats 679 label man!
and ill have the track up as soon as it drops...no doubt about it!

08-22-06, 04:27 PM
lookin 4ward to more kano stuff!!

08-24-06, 06:51 PM
saw kano live at V and he sang his new tune it iz ok
got some reggae feel to it

08-25-06, 05:59 PM
sounds good on the kano tune man good lookin on that shit!

as for the whole beef issue it sounds pretty stupid to me...then again if thats what they want to do its upto them haha

08-25-06, 06:06 PM
^^^Word On The Beef Stuff...But It Was A Hot Beef Last Tiem It Kicked Off...But The Artists Always Complain About How The Scene Needs To Move Forward...Well The First Thing Would To Be To End Beefs Within The Scene...i Seen A Interesting Video On YouTube The Other Day Of The FireCamp And Lethal Bizzle...They Was Murkin Roll Deep Just Jokin Around And They Squashed All The Beefs There And Then To The Camera, And Gave A Speach Type Thing On How The Beefin Needs To Stop To Help Elevate The Scene, Was Quite Good But I Dunno Wether They Was Bein Genuine With It!