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08-20-06, 11:31 PM
Dancehall legend Cham is set to release his "Ghetto Story" single in the UK next Monday (August 28).

The track, a remix of the original, features soul singing Alicia Keys and was conceived after Keys expressed a keen interest collaborating with Cham.

"It's kinda interesting how the collaboration happened. The label didn't come to us, neither did Cham. Actually, we (the artiste and her management) went to them. It's like combining two worlds like that, and it turned out perfect. We approached Cham to be on the remix, and I felt ecstatic about it. We all have our own story of how we were raised and what we saw while we were growing up. I like the way Cham rode the rhythm and I liked his flow. He was really being honest and truthful, and I wanted to tell my story. I appreciated his story," Keys explains.

Ever since his rise to fame in the dancehall reggae genre during the mid 1990s, Cham has constantly stayed ahead of his peers. Born Damian Beckett in Kingston Jamaica, Cham spent his time developing his mic skills producing hardcore classics like "Many Many," "Boom Tune" and "Man & Man," which all appear on his 2000 debut album "Wow: The Story."

In 2003 Cham released "Vitamin S" catapulting the artist from Jamaican dancehall star to worldwide hip-hop radio and club mainstay. At the end of 2005 he created the dancehall masterpiece "Ghetto Story" with Dave "The Stranger" Kelly, inspired by daily life in their troubled homeland - 2005 in Jamaica was the bloodiest year on record with over 1,600 slain.

08-21-06, 12:23 AM
how come he calls himself cham now. Wasnt it Baby Cham?

08-21-06, 10:23 AM
big tune, imma download his album