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08-18-06, 08:10 PM
Cassie has seen better days. The young Bad Boy singer has faced a storm of criticism and hate from many. She's also had to deal with an old video of her surfacing, one that many view as scandalous. But Bad Boy head Diddy is standing beside the young songstress.

The hate came when various media personalities trashed Cassie's performances on MTV's TRL and BET's 106 and Park. Radio personalities from NY to LA went at it. Big Boy of Los Angeles' Power 106 even asked label mates Dannity Kane how they felt about Cassie's less-than impressive performances.

Diddy acknowledges that she had a rough start.

"She had her first television performance, and she had an all right performance...You could hear the nervousness in her voice. And to be honest, I kind of smiled at it, because it made me really appreciate what I really love about her: She's a regular person. And we, as artists, we sometimes get nervous. I told her it's like riding a bike: You're gonna fall down, you got to keep on getting on it.

I'm with her through her development, and I have no questioning on her ability, on her singing ability. It just made me appreciate that she got nervous, and it was kind of cute to me, to be honest."

"Some people are going to have good days and bad days. The thing about Bad Boy is, we're with our artists through all days. She's not an artist that has a problem with her vocals or singing. You've got to understand that success for her is coming out of nowhere.

It's just so huge, and sometimes everybody handles it differently. So I'm quite sure she'll get over it. ...I don't care how many performances it is, I'm going to be with her until she gets it right," he added to MTV.

Cassie also had to fight off rumors that she was romantically involved with various men. Cass went on to claim her statements were taken out of context.

Another problem came with an unpublicized video. The aforementioned vid for Me & You that is not featured on music video channels is one that has surfaced through the net. That clip, said to have been before her deal, features a raunchy Cassie getting very intimate with a man. She's also shown on her knees, taking off a man's pants and singing in nothing on but bra and panties. The singer went on various radio shows to say this embarrassed her.
Cassie also addressed this through a statement on her MySpace page.
"I am aware that my live performances have been pretty bad," she wrote. "No excuses, I'm still getting over stage fright.

I am very upset with the series of events this week, and I do not appreciate people making me look and sound crazy. I'm not a whore or a bitch, which is what people have been making me out to be. I'm a 19-year-old girl, I'm single, and I'm working my ass off."

Aside from helping out his young ladies in Dannity Kane and Cassie, Diddy's also getting ready to release his own LP.

08-19-06, 04:40 AM
yea i read about this..people are actually petitioning for her to be released from Bad Boy or something lol

08-19-06, 10:43 AM
Wheres that video?? i aint seen it...

08-19-06, 12:09 PM
Wheres that video?? i aint seen it...

Heres the video


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LOl... what's bad on this vid???