View Full Version : Rihanna Covers Up, Inspires Beyonce's Next Single?

08-16-06, 03:25 PM
R&B star Rihanna declined to go topless during a recent cover shoot with a German magazine, citing her desire to be taken seriously as a musician as the reason.

“I don’t like to wear things too skimpy,” said the Barbados-born singer, according to Female First. “If I do shorts on the bottom, it’s gotta be something very conservative on top. If it’s skimpy at the top, it’s gotta be long jeans or something.”

She went on to say that she strives to be like fellow songstress Alicia Keys when it comes to balancing her music with her sexy image.

“That’s what I admire so much about Alicia Keys. She became so successful off of just her music. She was really conservative about her style at first.”

Rihanna will have a chance to put her words into action on Sunday, August 20 when she performs her hit song “S.O.S” at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards.

Speaking of Rihanna, rumors are swirling that she was the inspiration behind Beyonce’s new single “Ring The Alarm.” On the track, Beyonce shouts: “Ring the Alarm! I’ve been doin’ this too long. But I’ll be damned if I see another chick on your arm.”

Some believe that the words are directed at Rihanna, who was rumored to be spending quality time with Beyonce’s boyfriend Jay-Z in New York while she was off filming Dreamgirls in L.A. It might be good timing on Beyonce’s part, as the Caribbean starlet plans to join Jay-Z on a 3-date tour of South Africa in October.

But the inspiration behind Beyonce’s “Ring The Alarm” may not be the biggest question. Some reports regarding the song have Beyonce fans wondering if the track will even be her next single at all.

After lukewarm reception from focus groups, Beyonce’s management group has reportedly decided to nix the fiery track and go with Swizz Beatz “Get Me Bodied” or The Neptunes' “Green Light” as the second single, according to rap-up.com.

A video for “Ring The Alarm” has already been shot and was scheduled for release on Yahoo! Music this week. Beyonce is also scheduled to perform the song at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 31.

Mental Midjet
08-20-06, 12:14 PM
mayne now even the pop gurls have got beef lol

08-20-06, 01:30 PM
:kwijl: i wouldnt mind see rihanna topless

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:bonk: rihanna topless