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08-16-06, 01:09 AM

How are things going Deverlish? What have you been up to recently?

Im cool mate. jus doing what i do best MUSIC.

How old were you when you started to produce? What made you want to step up a level from just listening?

Well i started off DJ'ing wen i was really about 12/13 years old and i carried on mixing untill i was about 17 and then producing came into mind...it was just a natural move for me to make, as i loved music and it just all seemed to fit into place..so i got to work and tried to learned afew music production programs and just gather up info on it all...still dj'ing in my spare time...but slowed it down so i could concerntrate on production.

Who were your musical inspirations growing up, and did they have a big effect on you production wise?

To tell u the truth i didnt have any inspirations ...i jus listened to anything an everything i jus liked music...and its obviously had a effect on me...but i cant really say i looked up to anyone.

When would you say your first big break came? And when did you really start to feel you were receiving recognition for your production talent?

Well to be honest my "big break" has'nt come...iv linked up with o.t crew/o.t recordings and they have helped me alot and iv helped them...so you know, im just doin wot i like doin and thats producing music, i am getting reconition now and ye its good thats all i want.

Tell us a little bit about your new EP “Neighbours” that you are sharing with Morbyd Syn, howcomes you decided to share an EP? When will this be in shops?

Yee man, well me an morbyd live on the same estate...thats the reason its called "Neighbours".

Its a 4 track instrumental E.P, tracks entitled;

"Stomp" & "Collision" which are productions of mine and are both completely different from each other, .The other 2 features are entitled ; "Lord of the Ends" & "Dungeons" which are obviously Morbyd Syn's productions, wich both are also different from other, so its a versatile E.P...

Basically jus decided on a quick one to do the e.p and were just promoting it as much as we can to everyone!

we've always said we'd do a joint E.P...so thats what Neighbours is !

Well should hopefully be in all underground record shops within the next few weeks, give of take abit lol....jus making sure its promoted as much as possible mate...so everyone look out for it an Dj's make sure u bang all the tracks out!

Tracklisting for the Promo Sample goes in order:

1.Lord Of The Ends




What things are you using to make your tracks at the moment? How do you come up with ideas? Have you got a certain method how to source out good sounds?

Im using ..Reason 3.0, Cubase SX 3 & Logic pro 7, an various other editing/production programs

I dunno how i come up with ideas ...i just wake up in the morning and soon as my eyes are open..its Music... its what i do, i make music, and i try to deliver the goods 110% .

I like lots of different sounds ...im not keen on electronic sounds tho they r too rough sounding i think, i prefer real sounds , strings, flutes, guitars, so on...i like asian sounds aswell special vox samples i think they sound really good specially when put on just the right track... i dont sample either, i make my music, i dont use other peoples.

What is yours and OT’s next step? Releases, Mixtapes Solo Albums etc, and what can we expect to hear on them?

www.otrecordings.com ..... All the info you need on the o.t crew.

Keep ur ears open. Check Myspaces also

Any tips for producers and up and coming crews just starting out?

Work hard.

For people not in the know where can they catch you next?

catch o.t every tuesdays 9to11 rinse 100.2 (100.3)

Any shout outs?
ye man ofcorse, Firstly out to u mike for the interview/ review,...big up alllllllllll my out crew/o.t recordings members..mikee da manager, dogz,devlin, m-eye...Big up all the djs bangin out my tracks..logan sama, lioness, target, raze,Iceman, to name afew, big up ruffsquad ! discarda, wileout ones, sniper e, syer b, everyone man, big up everyone in da manor an everyone who knws an whos supporting me an wot i do BIG