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08-13-06, 01:18 AM
So you at least vaguely know the story, but in case you've forgotten, here's a little something to bring you up to speed. A young white female emcee from the UK makes crazy noise across the pond. A certain Presidential emcee picks up on the vibe, signs her to hip-hop's most recognizable brand name, and is now prepping her to unleash her own version of stateside mayhem.

Sounds familiar? We thought so. What you don't know however, is what Lady Sov has to have in the studio with her, what she's tired of people asking her, and why she can't get up in the g**damn club even though she's damn near on the brink of mega-stardom.

Grab yourself a cold one and read on as Lady Sov chops it up exclusively with Palms Out Sounds.

Palms Out: Listening to your new joint "Love Me Or Hate Me" I picked up on some feminist statements or rather, the way you seem to be critiquing how people define a lady. Are there any other female artists out there that do this that you might draw inspiration from?

Lady Sov: Iím just a bit blunt with things but, I donít know, people do things differently. Iím not saying it's wrong for all these female rappers to be showing off bits and pieces, thatís just how people are but personally speaking, Iím not like that. It does get a bit boring sometimes to see the same things, but you might think differently because obviously a man does like chicks like that so, I donít know manÖIím just different, Iím not like that.

Palms Out: Well you mentioned that it gets boringÖDo you follow US hip-hop closely? What do you think of the current trends? Are you critical of it?

Lady Sov: Iím not that critical against too much, itís all good man, everyoneís different. Iím not too sure what exactly is poppiní off right now because Iíve been so busy, I donít get a chance [to pay attention].

Palms Out: Who are some of the people you listen to or you try to keep up with?

Lady Sov: Iím waiting for Outkastís new shit man. Iíve heard the one song, but only once. Iím just waiting for the album, big time

Palms Out: Since Jay-Z has taken over, there have been a lot of signings yet the records that have been put out, in large part, havenít been huge successes, with a couple of exceptions. Does that make you nervous at all? Do you think this really has nothing to do with you? How do you feel about the climate [at Def Jam] building up to your debut?

Lady Sov: I feel good about things. Iíve just got this feeling about things in life, do you know what I mean? So I donít feel worried or bothered by that.

Palms Out: What were you trying to do with this album Public Warning? What was your mindset going into recording?

Lady Sov: I just did it, I never had no game plan. I just got in the studio and done my thing, and the way itís turned out Iím just like "right, thatís different." It sounds good together, all the tracks just sound sick. Itís just good. I like listening to it

Palms Out: Are you afraid of people criticizing you for feeling so good about your record? It can be a double edged sword because when people ask about your record [and they think] youíre bragging, they might cut you down.

Lady Sov: See, Iím not bragging. Itís just like, I personally like it. I listen to it and Iím like ok, ok, Iíve done good, Iíve done good. Iím just proud of it. Iím not trying to say like yeah, this is going to be the best album in the world! But I think itís good.

Palms Out: What do you have to have in the studio with you? Whatís an essential studio companion?

Lady Sov: Cigarettes [laughter]. I need people that are gonna make some jokes with me man, thatís the necessary thing. Either that or like some beers, because itís just quick to drinkÖ

Palms Out: Whatís your choice brand?

Lady Sov: Stella.

Palms Out: Stella Artois, thatís wassup!

Lady Sov: That makes me crazy man.

Palms Out: Iíd imagine now with all the buzz surrounding the upcoming record, youíve been rubbing shoulders with a lot of people. Obviously Jay, and a lot more people in the industry. Who are some of the cooler people youíve come across? Have any words (of wisdom) been imparted to you?

Lady Sov: Do you know what? I havenít come across that many.

Palms Out: That many people in general, or cool people?

Lady Sov: No, people, because I have to be 21 out here to go out properly, yeah? To properly socialize, rather than just bumping into someone in someoneís office here because I donít like (meeting people) like that.

Palms Out: So you have problems getting into the club?

Lady Sov: Yeah! I mean there are exceptions obviously, yeah, because people are nice to me and they feel sorry for me probably, but when Iím 21 here Iíll feel a lot more comfortable going out.

Palms Out: What are you sick of being asked about? What information about you are you sick of seeing in the press?

Lady Sov: Iím honestly fed up with the question, ďsoÖtell me about the whole Jay-Z thingĒ

Palms Out: [laughter] I figured as much

Lady Sov: Seeeeriously, without a doubt I get asked that question and Iím just looking to ban it. I donít know, itís like come on, you must have read it somewhere else. Iím only going to say the same thing everytime. Youíre not going to ask me now are you?

Palms Out: So the next question, tell me aboutÖ

Lady Sov: Nahhhhhhh, naaaaahhhhh [laughter]

Palms Out: Iím kidding, Iím kidding, I definitely did not have that on the list. I actually only have one more for you, itís a Palms Out trademark- Whatís the one question that no one has had the good sense to ask you that you wish they would ask you? And then, answer your own question

Lady Sov: Thatís a good oneÖ(pauses to think)Öthatís one to think about man, youíve got me, youíve got me.

Palms Out: Or whatís something about yourself that no one would necessarily know?

Lady Sov: Oh hereís one, I used to have blonde hair once [shy laugh]. When I was like fourteen I had this phase, I was just like whoop! I felt so sick after I had done it (dyed my hair blonde). I found a picture at my dadís house where I used to live and I tore it in half. I was an idiot back then

Palms Out: So there might be some pictures of you floating around.

Lady Sov: I know! There is some on the internet, there definitely is. Iím sure someone showed me and I was like oh my gosh, how the fuck did that get there??

Syk Dyssturbd
08-13-06, 01:28 AM
Propz. Not a fan of her, lol.....and I'm gonna b MAD competition wit her soon, but hey, I wish her luck.

08-13-06, 02:08 AM
Propz. Not a fan of her, lol.....and I'm gonna b MAD competition wit her soon, but hey, I wish her luck.
i dont think she fuckin with you syk lady sov is garbage early


Syk Dyssturbd
08-13-06, 02:22 AM
^ I know. She got nothin' on me at all, lmao. I mean when I get famous I may take her "famous white girl rapper" spot....no....I KNOW I'll take her "famous white girlr apper" spot. :D

08-13-06, 09:01 AM
^gd 4 u im not a fan either

08-13-06, 09:19 AM
propz she did make some good songs but i dont like her

08-13-06, 11:46 AM
not even gonna read

08-13-06, 11:52 AM
How the hell did lady sov even get a deal with Def Jam...That shits a mystery

Syk Dyssturbd
08-13-06, 08:03 PM
Sum1 said on the old forum this and I alwayz agreed.....

I guess sometimes u gotta go down to get up. ;)

Big M
08-13-06, 08:16 PM
Sum1 said on the old forum this and I alwayz agreed.....

I guess sometimes u gotta go down to get up. ;)
That must be how Young Jeezy got his deal too.

08-15-06, 02:56 PM
hahahaha, I'm backing you on that one Syk.