View Full Version : UK Rapper Claims To Hold World Record For Longest Freestyle Rap Over Supernatural

08-10-06, 12:49 PM
"I have the World Record for Longest Freestyle Rap," UK-based rapper, Ruffstylz told BallerStatus.net.

D.O., a Canadian MC who set the bar at eight hours and forty-five minutes in 2003, previously held the record. Then, last Saturday (August 5), Supernatural broke that record, with a time slightly over nine hours.

Contrarily, Ruffstylz claims that he broke D.O.'s record in October of 2003 with a time substantially longer than Supernatural's.

When Ruffstylz initially decided that he wanted to break the World Record for Longest Freestyle Rap, he contacted Guinness World Records (GWR), and was told that D.O. had not in fact set a record through them, but had done so independently. GWR stated that they could not qualify what was freestyle versus previously written raps.

Instead, GWR offered Ruffstylz the opportunity to set the record for Longest Rap Marathon. "But that wasn't the challenge that I wanted," Ruffstylz said. "The challenge I wanted was to go for the World Record for freestyling."

Knowing that his record would not be accepted by GWR, Ruffstylz went ahead anyways. He used the rules distributed to him by GWR for Longest Rap Marathon: to take a fifteen minute break every four hours and never pause for more than thirty seconds.

He ended up freestyling for ten hours and forty-three minutes.

Recently, Ruffstylz learned that GWR had accepted D.O.'s record - which may mean that Ruffstylz' record could be accepted as well. If so, it would trump Supernatural's record.

GWR was contacted, but no response was given by press time.

Either way, Ruffstylz stated that, "Supernatural may have Guinness, but I still have the World Record."

The UK rapper stated that he even contacted Rock The Bells prior to the event, but was told that they were going with the record that was already accepted by GWR.

Ruffstylz also said that although he did not want anyone to break his record, if he had to pick one rapper to do so, it would have been Supernatural.

Ruffstylz' album, Lyrics, is out now. For more information log onto AssociatedMinds.com

08-10-06, 01:09 PM
mad props man! be big for the uk scene if dude manages to get into the GWR cuz hed get more recognition for both himself and uk music in a whole...but still, its good thats hes the current holder...ive neaver heard of dude either, ill have a look around for his album!

08-10-06, 02:00 PM
He should have had a Guiness World Record official present if he was gonna freestyle for that long.

08-10-06, 03:49 PM
yo yo yo... imma just try beat this.. tonight if we do an allnighter... witch ot us is walkin the streets all night.. if we get som drink down us nek ill do it lmao.. might be whack freebut still :D

08-10-06, 05:49 PM
^Reading that it looks like you already been drinking lol

08-12-06, 03:57 PM
propz gd 2 hear da UK scene being 2 get more exposa

08-12-06, 06:05 PM
propz its good to hear that a english person has done it